New Science Reveals 84% Of Your Body Fat is Actually Breathed Out By Exhaling Carbon Dioxide – This is What You Need To Know

Losing weight has always been a mystery, with various myths surrounding where fat goes when we shed those pounds. Contrary to popular belief, fat doesn’t magically transform into muscle, energy, or get mysteriously excreted. However, prepare to be amazed because scientific evidence reveals that a significant portion of fat is actually expelled from our bodies through something as simple as breathing.

Recently, two brilliant minds from the University of New South Wales in Australia published their groundbreaking findings in the British Medical Journal. Their research unveiled that over 80 percent of our fat is eliminated via our lungs, and yes, you read that right – we can lose weight just by breathing!

But how does this work? When our body consumes more energy from food than it needs, the surplus is stored in fat cells as triglycerides – a compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. To get rid of this stored fat, the atoms in triglycerides must be unlocked through a process known as oxidation. During this process, about 16 percent of the fat metabolizes into water, which is then expelled through bodily fluids like sweat, tears, and urine. The remaining 84 percent of fat is converted into carbon dioxide through a complex biochemical process and is eventually expelled from the body through our breath.

To understand this phenomenon, the Australian scientists conducted some calculations. When 22 pounds of fat are oxidized, approximately 18.5 pounds leave the body through exhalation as carbon dioxide, while the remaining pounds are eliminated as water. So, can we simply huff and puff to make the fat vanish? Not quite, as hyperventilating won’t do the trick. Breathing plays the role of a vehicle for fat loss, not the fuel. It is exercise that increases the demand for oxygen, leading to accelerated breathing, and, consequently, more significant fat loss.

In essence, this explains why exercise is so beneficial for weight loss – it speeds up breathing, leading to a higher carbon dioxide output. For example, a person at rest weighing 154 pounds exhales approximately 200 grams of carbon dioxide daily, which amounts to less than a pound of fat. However, replacing an hour of rest with intense exercise, such as jogging, results in an additional 40 grams of carbon expelled from the body.

To maximize your body’s fat-burning potential and increase carbon dioxide exhalation, here are three recommended tips:

  1. Exercise outdoors, as the higher oxygen intake enhances fat oxidation.
  2. Incorporate a 2.5-minute burst of intense morning exercise, which has been shown to burn an extra 200 calories throughout the day.
  3. Consider exercising in the evening, as studies indicate that the body’s oxygen uptake is faster during this time. Moreover, nighttime exercisers experienced higher increases in cortisol and tryptophan – essential hormones for energy metabolism.

In conclusion, while breathing alone won’t miraculously make you lose weight, understanding the science behind fat loss is a game-changer. Exercise and calorie control remain key factors, but the findings from these Australian scientists have debunked common misconceptions about how weight loss occurs, helping to pave the way for more informed approaches to shedding those unwanted pounds.

What Can We Learn From This Fat Loss Research?

Burning fat can be done with simply the better use of oxygen. This requires conscious breathing as well as better oxygenation within the body as a whole. Proper breathing is the first step.

This is How To Properly Breathe:

You want to breathe in through your nose and into your diaphragm. This is important because your nose filters and purifies the air along with humidifies it to make it more absorbable in your body. Breathing through you nose also boosts nitric oxide levels. Watch this video to learn the step-by-step.

10 Ways To Burn Belly Fat By Breathing:

It turns out there are specific breathing practices that you can do in order to burn belly fat faster. Use this video as a reference to practices this in your life.

The Best Way To Enhance Oxygenation & Burn Belly Fat:

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) antioxidants play a crucial role in promoting overall health and well-being by combating harmful free radicals, oxidative stress, and inflammation within the body. These powerful compounds have been found to facilitate the transportation of oxygen by red blood cells, thereby enhancing the body’s ability to function optimally.

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that form as natural byproducts of various metabolic processes in the body, but they can also be generated by external factors such as pollution, smoking, and exposure to UV radiation. When free radicals accumulate in excessive amounts, they can cause damage to cellular structures, including lipids, proteins, and DNA, leading to oxidative stress. Over time, oxidative stress can result in a wide range of health issues, including accelerated aging, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer.

Enter ORAC antioxidants, which are capable of neutralizing free radicals by donating electrons to stabilize these reactive molecules. By doing so, ORAC antioxidants prevent the free radicals from causing cellular damage and reduce the overall oxidative stress burden on the body. This crucial function allows cells, including red blood cells, to function optimally, ensuring their capacity to transport oxygen efficiently.

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to various tissues and organs throughout the body. However, when oxidative stress and inflammation are high, red blood cells can suffer damage, leading to reduced oxygen-carrying capacity. This impairment can result in fatigue, decreased physical performance, and even impaired cognitive function.

The presence of ORAC antioxidants helps protect red blood cells from oxidative damage, maintaining their structural integrity and optimizing their ability to bind and transport oxygen. By reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, ORAC antioxidants contribute to improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues, enhancing overall vitality and performance.

Furthermore, chronic inflammation can lead to a host of health issues, as the body’s immune system remains in a heightened state of activity. ORAC antioxidants have been shown to inhibit certain inflammatory pathways, effectively reducing inflammation levels and promoting a healthier immune response. This, in turn, supports red blood cell function and ensures an adequate supply of oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs.

Several dietary sources are rich in ORAC antioxidants, including colorful fruits and vegetables such as berries (blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries), dark leafy greens, and deeply colored peppers. Additionally, nuts, seeds, and certain herbs and spices also provide significant levels of ORAC antioxidants.

The Best Most-Simple Source Of ORAC Antioxidants:

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Taking two of these capsules daily with your breakfast or lunch will help to support gut health and open up the oxygen pathways so that carbon dioxide can be released from the body more efficiently, therefore releasing fat along with it. This energy will improve your energy levels, help you have more consistent bowel movements and help you breathe better and move oxygen throughout your body more efficiently which supports the healthy release of carbon dioxide, which is the majority of the fat burning battle.

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