Scientists Terrifying New Discovery Under The Sahara Desert Changes Everything

In Africa, if you’re in the southern part of the continent you’ll be around lush vegetation. Rainforests and jungles are quite common. In the northern part of the African continent however, you have a completely different environment and climate. An area that has been ravaged and become deserts.

These differences are vast. So vast in fact that the Sahara desert in Northern Africa is so large that it can swallow Spain 18 time OVER. That’s MASSIVE. This is so large that it covers 1/3rd of the entire African continent.

The desert also includes a massive amount of sand dunes, that cover about 15% of the Sahara desert. Other topographical features include mountains, plateaus, sand and gravel covered plains, salt flats and more.

According to scientists, this massive desert wasn’t actually a desert thousands of years ago but instead it was a massive rainforest. What happened that made it change so drastically?

The answer to this question takes us several thousand years back. Somewhere between 4,500 and 8,000 years ago this happened.

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Part Of The Reason The Sahara Became A Desert

One of the main reasons said to have turned the Sahara into the “Sahara desert” was logging operations in the region that over time deforested the region. Similar to logging operations going on right now in and near the Amazon Rainforest. The issue with logging operations is that they not only remove plants, species, tries and botanical variety but it also quite literally destroys biodiversity within regions.

The footprint of humans, machines, chemicals and disruption of natural ecosystems such as soil and movement patterns in that region can do more damage than we realize.

Yet Another Reason The Sahara Became A Desert

Another reason that the Sahara became a desert was because farmers in the area were overgrazing grasses in regions with cattle. This caused less moisture in regions over time simply because the wildlife that holds moisture in this region was being eaten up by animals.

“By overgrazing the grasses, they were reducing the amount of atmospheric moisture.

– David Wright

These nomadic humans in this region may have used fire as a method to be a land management tool, which could have exacerbated the speed of things happening in the region.

Guess What Else They Found in The Sahara Desert?

Believe it or not they dug up a lot of interesting artifacts, bones and more within this region. They actually dug up whale bones that are presumed to be millions of years old.

It’s interesting how animals in the region evolved. They were land mammals that became aquatic as they moved into the water, and as the water reduced and the desert became to form they could no longer sustain that lifestyle in the water.

How The Sahara Desert is Connected To The Lost City Of Atlantis

Believe it or not, there is a connection between the Sahara desert and the lost city of Atlantis. This takes us to what is known as the “Eye of the Sahara” which represents quite literally a magic bullseye.

Take a look at what the “eye of the Sahara” looks like here:

Don’t you think that this looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones film?

The eye of the Sahara is also known as the Guelb Er Richat. This ancient archeological marking in the Sahara desert represents a massive bullseye. This stretches across a 40 KM region of the desert.

For centuries, only few local tribes knew about the formation. It was first photographed in the 1960’s by the Gemini Astronauts. They used it as a landmark to track the progress of their landing sequences.

Later, another satellite took images of it and provided information on its size, height and extent.

It was thought that the ‘Eye of the Sahara’ was created from an impact from something slamming into the surface of the earth from space. However, once the studies from the rock inside the structure came back they found out that this geologic dome is actually earth based.

The rocks are said to be 100 million years old. They have measured a lot by the layers in the rock, and it contains many different types of stones.

There is Another Explanation For The Eye Of The Sahara

The search for Atlantis has been on for the longest time. Something that completely vanished from society. Many people have searched the ocean and believe it was covered in water. A youtuber however believes that the eye of the Sahara matches the size and shape of what Plato said the city of Atlantis was.

The mountains, rivers and other placements in the region based on archeology do seem to line up with the ancient city of Atlantis also. It also lines up with the date that the city of Atlantis had alleged to have disappeared.

If you look at the eye of the Sahara, there are many mysterious correlations that apply to it.

Interesting clay pottery was found in the region also. These objects were not used by the Egyptians living by the Nile. This was clay that was used in another culture nearby. So much still remains to be explored in the region.

What do you think? There are many questions that have yet to be discovered when it comes to the massive, albeit mysterious Sahara Desert.

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