10 Eye-Opening Hacks For Your Used Tea Bags That Are Totally Genius

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For many tea drinkers, used tea bags are simply tossed in the trash without a second thought. However, these discarded tea bags can actually be repurposed in many clever and eco-friendly ways before being tossed. From creating homemade beauty products to fertilizing your garden, used tea bags deserve more than just a one-way trip to the landfill.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 genius hacks for giving your used tea bags new life. These simple tea bag hacks can help you reduce waste, save money, and get more out of your favorite cups of tea. With just a little creativity, you can upcycle used tea bags into lush potpourri, soothing bath salts, natural fabric dyes, and more.

So before you throw out your next batch of used tea bags, take a few moments to consider these 10 eye-opening ideas. With minimal time and effort, you can extend the benefits of your tea while keeping tons of tea bags out of landfills. Read on to discover the myriad uses for used tea bags that you never knew were possible.

Stop Throwing Away Your Used Tea Bags

If you are like most people, you probably consider tea bags to be a one time-use item and once you prepare tea, you throw away the used bag. However, if you knew better, you would keep those used tea bags because they are more useful than you may think.

From helping you get rid of dark circles under the eyes to removing unpleasant fridge odour, used tea bags are more than needed. Therefore, make sure the next time you prepare yourself a cup of tea goodness; you also keep the used tea bag!

If you are unsure about how to use already used tea bags, continue reading the article. We will present 10 amazing ways in which tea bags will ease your everyday life.

5 Ways to Benefit from Used Tea Bags

Alleviate Dark Circles Under The Eyes

For those nights when you could not get the needed sleep and as a result woke up with dark circles under the eyes, used tea bags are here to help you. Place cooled down tea bags onto the eyes or under the eyes and lie down. Keep them for 20 minutes before you remove them and rinse off the face.

This will not just reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, but help you relax before a long day. The best teas for this purpose are green and black tea because they are rich in tannins and caffeine, as well as in antioxidants that are good for the skin.

Removes Unpleasant Shoe Odor

Stuff a handful of dried and used tea bags into old socks and tie them up in the openings. Put them inside the shoes for a couple of days. You can also place used tea bags in shoe cabinets to reduce foul smells from shoes.

Reduces Pain

Used tea bags can be highly effective in relieving sunburns, burns, rashes, and bee stings when applied topically. They are an inexpensive and simple cure to alleviate the pain and discomfort and speed up the healing.

Softens and Flavors Meat

Did you know that you can boost your meat’s flavour by marinating it with used tea bags? The tannins will soften the meat and make it sweeter and boost the savoury notes, particularly with barbecued meat. The best meat to use tea bags with is beef, but it may not work with chicken.

Freshens Up The Air Naturally

Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil onto used tea bags and you have ready air freshener for your car, office, and home. Thanks to the already built-in string, you can hang them in several areas. The tea bags will not just release a pleasant fragrance, but they will also absorb unpleasant odors.

Create a Natural Potpourri Sachet

Dry out any remaining moisture in used tea bags by letting them sit out for a few days. Then place 3-5 tea bags in a small muslin sack or cloth pouch. Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, rose, or mint for a beautiful scent. Throw in some dried flowers like lavender buds or rose petals. Tie the sachet closed with a pretty ribbon. Place the sachet in drawers, closets, or anywhere you want a light fragrance.

Brew Soothing Bath Salts

Fill a mason jar about halfway with used tea bags. Top with Epsom salts, sea salt, baking soda, dried flowers, and 10-15 drops essential oil. Seal the jar and let it infuse out of direct sunlight for 1 week, shaking the jar daily. After a week, remove the tea bags. You’ll be left with tea-infused bath salts for a relaxing soak!

Create Natural Plant-Based Dyes

Soak 5-10 used tea bags in 2 cups of hot water for 30 minutes. Remove tea bags and add your fabric item like a t-shirt, towel, or socks to the tea bath. Let soak 30 mins – 1 hour. The natural tannins in the tea will dye the fabric a light earthy brown color.

Craft Upcycled Tea Candles

Dry out used tea bags completely. Place 3-5 bags in the bottom of a glass jar. Top with melted beeswax or soy wax, essential oils, and dried flowers. Let fully harden for 24 hours. Light the homemade candles for gentle tea aroma.

Fertilize Your Garden

Don’t throw used tea bags in the trash! Bury them about 2 inches deep in garden beds or houseplant pots. As they decompose, the tea leaves will release nutrients like nitrogen into the soil, acting as a mild fertilizer.

In Conclusion:

Used tea bags deserve a second life before being tossed in the trash. With just a bit of creativity, they can be upcycled into homemade products that benefit your life, garden, and the planet. From fragrant potpourri sachets to nourishing compost for houseplants, the possibilities for tea bag reuse are practically endless.

The next time you sit down for a soothing cup of tea, take a moment to think about how you can give the used tea bags new purpose. Follow any of the helpful hacks we’ve outlined, such as creating stained glass sun catchers, dying fabrics, or exfoliating scrubs. You may just be surprised by how much use you can get out of seemingly spent tea bags.

By repurposing used tea bags in your home, you’ll keep them from clogging up landfills. And you’ll discover thrifty ways to eliminate waste and save money too. So be sure to explore more clever uses for tea bags beyond just steeping a hot cup of tea. With a little innovation, those leftover tea bags can be put to work in crafty, green ways you never expected.


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