Signs Of A Clogged Lymphatic System & 10 Ways To Cleanse It

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Our body is home to a number of glands and organs. They collectively work to excrete toxins from our bodies and help them work efficiently. In fact, getting rid of body toxins is the most important way to remain healthy.

The organized way of glands and organs working together comes under the body’s lymphatic system. It keeps our body good and well but tends to get plugged due to several health factors.

In the majority of people, the lymphatic system does not work properly. And this leads to serious health issues.

Moreover, most people do not know how to detect a clogged-up lymphatic system which further delays its treatment.

So, here’s an article on signs of a clogged lymphatic system and how to cleanse it.
With this information, you’ll be able to check the health of your lymphatic system and take action accordingly.

So, let us start with the topic.

A quick brief on the lymphatic system

Before we learn about signs of a plugged lymphatic system, let us first briefly understand the system components.

The lymphatic system is a portion of our body’s circulatory system which is a known important part of our immune system. It contains several glands, the spleen, lymph nodes, the thymus, and the tonsils. The functionality of the lymphatic system is as follows:

It helps to excrete the interstitial fluid from tissues that absorb and transport fats and fatty acids from our digestive system.

It transports white blood cells from and to the lymph nodes to the bone transporting APCs (antigen-presenting cells) like dendritic cells. It also transports them to lymph nodes, where the stimulation of an immune response takes place.

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What Signs Show My Lymphatic System is Clogged?

In many people, the lymphatic system tends to be out of balance because of many reasons. Some of them include nutrient deficiencies, lack of body activities, and consistent intake of processed foods.

An imbalanced lymphatic system gives rise to many health problems. Some of them are considered signs that your body needs serious lymphatic cleansing. In the below list, we have mentioned such health conditions:


The condition belongs to inflammation of joints that May cause extreme pain. The affected joints conditions can get worse with age. If you notice this issue, then an imbalance in the lymphatic system can be the cause.

Digestive disorders

Improper lymph flow in the body results in certain digestive disorders. These include irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, and lactose intolerance. You would notice symptoms like bloating, bleeding, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, heartburn, vomiting and pain.

Skin Conditions

Mainly the reason behind skin conditions is caused due to Lymphedema while your lymphatic system is not healthy. Lymphedema is known as the swelling of tissues due to the accumulation of protein-rich fluid within the system. This type of protein-rich fluid needs to drain out of toxins from time to time. Generally, it impacts the legs or arms. But it can also affect your chest wall, genitals, abdomen and neck.

Sinus infections

Clogged lymphatic systems can also be detected through the condition called sinus infections. In this, the cavities present around the nasal passages tend to get inflamed.

The condition gets triggered through allergies or a cold as well. It is advised to get checked by the doctor if you experience sinus infections, the underlying reason could be other than an imbalance in the lymphatic system.

Frequent headaches

Due to the swelling and enlargement of lymph nodes, issues like headaches can arise.

Excess weight

A clogged lymphatic system can cause excessive weight gain in three ways:

It accumulates excessive amount of fluid.
It causes the development of abnormal fat around the affected limb.
It makes lymphatic drainage weak.

Unexplained injuries

Suppose you notice any injuries like bloody clothing, cuts, brushing etc. Then it could be a sign of a clogged lymphatic system.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue will result in sleep abnormalities, profound fatigue pain, and other symptoms that worsen by exertion. This sign is most likely to be noticed in women suffering from clogged lymphatic systems. However, it could also happen due to genetic factors, so it’s better to get yourself checked.

Note that our body’s lymphatic system does not work by its automatic active pumping system. You need to do some body movements. Aside from this, proper breathing, muscle action, and intestinal activities are important to create a proper flow of toxins out of your body.

Next, the article talks about effective ways that help maintain flow in the lymphatic system of our body and how do they help in removing the toxins effectively.

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10 Ways To Cleanse A Clogged Lymphatic System

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly is important to maintain a healthy lymphatic system. But if you are not used to workouts, it is advised to begin with less vigorous workout training sessions. Once you get comfortable with your daily workout routine, try to incorporate intense exercises as well gradually. Rebounding using a small trampoline is considered one of the most stimulating exercises to cleanse the lymphatic system.

Try Alternative Treatments

One of the most convenient and easiest methods to clean a lymphatic system is running lymphatic drainage using lymph biologics. It is a three-part light wave consisting of oscillating frequency. This stimulates the circulation in your lymph. Further, it drains out the fluids, fats and other toxins away from the cells of your body with a proper elimination process. Another method widely used for cleansing the lymphatic system is acupuncture. It is known to be very effective in stimulating the lymph flow and helping your body to remove toxins quickly. Radiate Immunity is also a great supplement that supports lymphatic health as well as liver health to flush lymphatic toxins.

Make sure to consult a trustworthy lymph biologics practitioner.

Take Cold And Hot Showers

The hot water is very helpful in dilating the blood vessels. On the other hand, using cold water can shrivel them. Because of cold and hot showers, a pump-action gets created that forces the excretion of toxic fluids collected in the body.

However, if you are pregnant, then do not follow this therapy. Also, people who have a history of cardiovascular disease should avoid this method.

Try Dry Skin Brushing

Take up a natural Bristle brush and keep brushing your dry skin with a circular motion. Continue doing it for 10 minutes. Next, take a shower. You can combine this process of dry brushing with cold and hot showers for more effective results. Click here to get a premium dry skin brush on amazon for just 16 bucks! (It also softens and creates a more youthful look to the skin!)

Make Sure To Hydrate Properly

If you want to cleanse toxins out of your lymphatic system, then drinking plenty of water is advisable. In general, you should drink water in ounces, that is half your body weight. You need to maintain this every day to keep toxins flushing out of your system. In addition to this, you can also have a few glasses of fresh lemon juice.

Do Not Wear Tight Clothes

If you have an imbalanced lymphatic system, it is advised to avoid wearing tight clothes. It is because excessive tight clothing tends to decrease the circulation within the lymphatic system. Due to this, blockages would develop within the system. Further, it will lead to toxins getting accumulated in the body. Thus, simply switching to loose cloths can prevent it from happening.

Practice Deep Breathing

The human body tends to maintain total lymph fluid in the body three times more than the blood. But our body does not have any organs to pump it. That is why practicing deep breaths is advised. Once you start taking deep breaths, a pumping action takes place. This assists the lymphatic system of your body in transporting toxins into the blood before they get detoxified through the liver.

Eat Foods That Stimulate Lymphatic Flow

Eating the right food is important to maintain an imbalanced lymphatic system. There are many foods that significantly promote proper flow within the lymphatic system.

These types of foods are usually nutrient-rich and raw. Below is the list of best foods for cleansing the lymphatic system:

  • Vegetables with dark green leaves
    Fruits with low sugar content
    Well-grounded flax seeds
    Chia seeds
    Brazil nuts

Apart from what you should eat, you must also know what you shouldn’t eat. Certain foods can result in blockages in your lymphatic system, which would again collect bodily toxins.

Below is the list of food items that you must avoid to maintain the health of your lymphatic system:

  • All kinds of processed foods
    Food items with artificial sweeteners
    Conventionally raised meat
    Conventional dairy
    Table salt

Take Radiate 21 For Lymphatic Health & Gut Lining Support

Radiate 21 is the ultimate formula for supporting the health of the gut lining and lymphatic system. This supplement was formulated to heal the gut lining as well as to support lymphatic cell health throughout the entire body. The formula contains 21 ingredients from the Amazon, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine intended to stimulate lymphatic flow and heal the gut as well as protect from Radiation. Learn more at  

Drink Herbal Tea For Lymphatic Health

There are many herbs available that can stimulate lymph flow when consumed in the form of tea. Drinking these types of herbal tea is very helpful for the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Below is the list of the most suitable herbs available that you can use to prepare the tea. These are known to promote better lymph health:

Poke root
Wild indigo root

Additional Lymphatic Support:

Rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline) has been scientifically shown to be one of the best lymphatic drainage exercises on earth. The bouncing up and down allows for lymphatic fluid to drain at a faster rate. Additionally, laughter is a great way to open the thoracic duct which allows the lymphatic fluid (and lymphatic toxins) to drain at 10-12x their normal rate. We recommend the Bellicon rebounder. Click here to visit and get Free shipping in the united states. Here’s why:

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Maintaining proper flow within your lymphatic system is of utmost importance. Though getting clogged is very common, the outcome it causes is often serious. That is why keep a check on symptoms and signs we mentioned that might be due to a clogged lymphatic flow. Also, ensure to include exercising in your routine, as body inactivity is one of the main reasons of an unhealthy lymphatic system.

Also, ensure to be mindful about what you are eating on an everyday basis to avoid any lymphatic complications.

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