Top 10 Underrated Cities In The United States

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When you think about taking a trip to the US, which city names pop up in your head? Most people would say New York city for time square or the statue of liberty. In contrast, others might say Arizona for grand canyon etc. These places have been popular and amazing spots to visit among tourists for years. But, do you know that the US has several other destinations that are equally exciting to visit but haven’t been explored much? So, if you are planning a trip to the US, would you like to visit these underrated cities rather than the popular ones?

If yes, then you must check out the list below..

Location: Alaska

How to move around the city: Bus services, cab

The capital city of Alaska, Juneau, presents a stunning picture of the place. Mount Roberts and Mount Juneau aid the beauty of their surroundings. Here, you can enjoy activities like whale watching, hiking, and fishing. The area is abundant with wildlife. The waterways often get filled with humpback whales and orca during summer days.

You can also see Dall’s porpoises, harbor porpoises, steller sea lions, harbor seals, and even sea otters. You’ll also get the rare sight of bears hunting down salmon fish and several bald eagles flying around the place.

Cannon Beach
Location: Northern Oregon coast

How to move around the city: Bike, bus service, walk

The beach has one of the most clicked objects in the area, the Haystack Rock, with 235 ft height. If you visit the place in spring, you’ll see an amazing view of Tufted puffins building their nest in the surrounding area.

Nearby, Ecola State Park has been established, where people usually like to enjoy the crashing of waves against the soaring rock formations. The art galleries showcase regional, local, and national artists. If you love shopping and exploring local markets, you’ll want to wander the fun gift shops, tasting rooms, and boutiques near cannon beach.

Location: California

How to move around the city: one-ride fares, rented golf carts.

The southernmost city in Los Angeles County has become the main attraction for local tourists. But, still not known among broader spectrum of travelers. Aside from beaches, you also get to experience many fun activities. Some of them are water sports, bison expeditions, falconry, zip-lining, overnight camping, rock climbing, etc.

Aside from other exciting things to do on Avalon beach, the place enables you to experience scuba diving and golfing. Dolphins are seen in a quite abundant numbers here.

Location: Montana

How to move around the city: Public transport

It is the neighbor of globally popular cities like Whitefish, Bozeman, and Missoula. That is why most people underestimate it as a visiting attraction. It’s the largest city in Montana. The place has an international airport which is quite small.

Travelers must check out its downtown area while visiting because it’s simply beautiful.
It consists of many historical sites, including Moss Mansion and Billing Depot.

Here, exciting menu in drink and food are available, especially for beer lovers who must try out the Brew Trail of Billings. The downtown site has many craft breweries to explore.

Additionally, visit the northern edge of Billings which contains picture-perfect Rimrocks or Rims. You can enjoy amazing hiking on these cliff-like rocks while going up.

Location: Idaho

How to move around the city: Taxi, bus service

The next name in the underrated US cities is Boise. The place introduces travelers to the ancestral lands of Bannock Indegenoud and Valley Shoshone tribes. The place is known to be safe and walkable.

The city offers travelers many activities to enjoy. One among them is trying out over 10 varieties of fries and dipping sauces at the “Boise Fry Company.”

The city’s restaurants serve many American cuisines like Bacon, Eureka, and Fork. They are dedicated to preparing their dishes using only locally sourced ingredients.

A beautiful part of the city is “The Greenbelt”. The trail allows you to enjoy walking and biking.
Take a trip to Basque Center to learn the culture of Boise city. On the city’s outskirts, you’ll find amazing waterfalls and lush green areas.

Location: South Carolina

How to move around the city: Walk, Taxi, carriages

The city’s filled with its great historical remarks. The Victorian-styled houses are a delight to visit. Charleston is seated near the ocean showing off all the southern glory. If you love to have seafood, this place can offer plenty of seafood dishes.

Some of the attractive sights of the city include cobblestone streets, pastel-painted houses, and horses carrying carriages.

The history of the city is deeply rooted in the 18th-century slave trade. And the city has been a significant part of the Civil War as the place where it began. Travelers in love with historic beauty must visit the Mart Museum. And to add more adventure, they can walk through the historic French Quarter (1850), the pink house (1712), and the Old Slave Mart (1859).

The city also has a waterfront park offering mesmerizing views of the ocean. It gives a calm vibe to visitors. Though this charming city is underrated, you can have many unforgettable memories.

Colorado Springs
Location: Colorado

How to move around the city: Rented car, taxis

The location is beside Denver, the sister city, which often overshadows it. Colorado Springs is the home of the biggest Army bases across the country.

This hidden treasure for travelers offers many adventurous attractions to solo travelers and families. Everyone can find something interesting to do in this city.

It has Pikes Peak, Palmer Park, Garden of the Gods, and Red Rock Canyon for nature buffs. The phenomenal nature views of this site can amaze anyone. Add more exciting traveling memories by exploring Cheyenne Zoo, Dinosaur Museum, Interactive Parks, and Ghost Town Museum.

In addition, you must add the popular Denver Biscuit Company to your trip list. This company is set in downtown Colorado Springs. The company has a lot of delicious items to offer that, as a tourist, you should not miss out on.

If you plan to visit Colorado Spring, it is advised to take up flights. It’s said that flying is the most convenient way to reach the destination. But, you might get only a few direct flights. Thus, you can fly to Denver and drive to Colorado Spring. It’s a 2-hour drive.

Location: Michigan

How to move around the city: Light-rail system

Detroit is the birthplace of legendary Motown music and a hub for the American automobile industry. But, in terms of tourism, the city is still not a well known place. But, looking at its site attractions, not giving a visit to the place would be a huge miss-out.

Detroit has many beautiful parks, such as Campus Martius and Riverwalk, taking you to great local markets. Also, there are many places to satisfy foodie travelers. The specialty of this place is highly creative street art. Many popular street artists have painted their murals across the Midtown and downtown areas.

Travelers who are into historical places must visit Detroit. It has many fantastic museums, such as the Detroit Institute of Arts. Here you will find many world-renowned exhibits. Other popular museums are the Motown Museum and Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

The place tends to get heavy snow, making it look wonderful during winter. You can consider visiting it during Christmas times for some amazing trip experiences.

Grand Junction
Location: Colorado

How to move around the city: Rental Cab, train, bus

Grand Junction is one of Colorado’s main cities in the desert. Iconic rock formations and mountains surround the city. The desert trails here provide some of the best hiking and biking spots. Aside from this, there are multiple independent boutiques and galleries that you, as a traveler, must 100% explore.

Grand Junction is the best option for travelers seeking a scenic and fun road trip. Here you’ll get the vibes of a small American town because it is located on a historic shipping route.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Grand Junction and the adventure of river rafting at the Colorado River are something to look forward to. You can go hiking, watch wild horses and whatnot. Rim Rock drive at the Colorado National Monument is a delight as well.

Green bay
Location: Wisconsin

How to move around the city: Hotel shuttles, car rentals

Green Bay is another underrated city in the US, but if you explore it well, the city has a lot to offer. It is also called America’s Dairyland because it produces around 2.37 billion pounds of cheese.

Aside from this, you get to enjoy different kinds of beer here. Each beer type is attached with unique history to it. Local brews are the reason for their unique aroma and taste.

Thus, Green Bay makes up a great place to visit with friends. However, the place also has many attractions you would love to go to with your family. Some of them are huge amusement parks, wildlife encounters, and museums.

If you visit the place between summer and fall, you’ll encounter a rich experience of local music festivals. In other seasons, travelers can participate in activities like Apple picking and Oktoberfest.

Wrapping Up
As mentioned above, each of the cities has been called a hidden asset to America by the people who have traveled there. If you have the drive to travel to the best beauties of the world, then any of these places would be a good start. So, which city from the list seems appealing to you?

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