Over A Trillion Dollars Of Treasure Stored In Infamous Temple Of India For Centuries – Citizens Know But Are Afraid To Even Step Foot On The Sacred Ground – Here’s The Terrifying Reasons Why

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In a small village in southern India, there stands an ancient temple that is said to contain a trove of unimaginable riches. For centuries, legends have swirled that this modest-looking temple conceals over a trillion dollars worth of gold, jewels and artifacts within its underground vaults. Yet no one dares to enter and confirm if the stories are true, as the temple is shrouded in mystery and fear.

The temple itself is nondescript – a stone structure weathered by time, with a simple tower and courtyard. But locals speak in hushed tones about the fortune it supposedly hides below ground in its crypts. According to the tales passed down through generations, the temple was built in the 14th century by devotees who wished to offer their wealth to the gods.

All their gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other valuables were locked away in underground vaults as a gesture of piety and faith. Over the centuries, the treasure horde grew as kings, nobles and pilgrims made their own contributions.

Today, the trove is said to be worth well over a trillion dollars – an unimaginable sum that would make the temple vaults one of the richest sites on earth if the rumors are true. But a fear of divine wrath prevents anyone from investigating the underground chambers to confirm the legends.

Locals believe the treasure is guarded by the gods and to steal or even look upon it would bring terrible misfortune. All one can do is speculate about the glittering riches far below the humble temple above ground. The only ones who know the truth refuse to speak of it. For now, the trillion dollar treasure remains hidden in darkness, its mysteries intractable.

Legends of the Vault’s Riches

Like all hidden treasure stories, Kerala’s Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple has fascinated India for years. The tales of its underground wealth are shrouded in both mystery and fear. According to legend, two enormous cobras stand guard over the temple’s innermost hidden chamber, Vault B. It’s said that anyone who dares open this vault will meet with disastrous results.

Supreme Court Ordered Inventory

An expert panel taking inventory of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple assets has asked the Supreme Court of India for permission to open the mysterious Vault B. The Travancore royal family and some devotees oppose opening the vault, citing legends that it will bring bad luck. However, the Supreme Court is expected to rule in favor of opening Vault B.

What the Indian Court has not yet acknowledged is the existence of a hidden inner chamber beyond Vault B with thick golden walls that may contain the largest undiscovered treasure in history.

Description of the Temple


The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and run by a trust headed by the Travancore royal family. While the temple’s assets belong to the deity, the Supreme Court has removed the family from leading the temple’s management. The ornate 16th century Hindu temple is renowned in medieval Tamil literature and only Hindus can enter. Inside, Vishnu reclines on the serpent Anantha and Brahma sits on a lotus emanating from Vishnu’s navel. Of the six chambers, Chamber B houses an idol of Vishnu and many valuables meant to enhance the Principal Deity’s potency.

Billions in Treasure Discovered

The Supreme Court of India and its committee have opened six vaults, discovering approximately $22 billion worth of treasures 20 feet underground. This includes golden idols, elephants with 18 foot diamond necklaces, and countless gold coins from around the world. A 2014 inventory listed 2,000 pounds of 200 B.C. era coins and a pure golden throne adorned with hundreds of diamonds for the 18-foot deity. Solid gold crowns studded with precious stones were also found, accumulated over thousands of years and donated by various dynasties and kings.

The Mysterious Vault B


Chamber B has long been considered highly sacred and dangerous by astrologers to unveil. Its enormous steel door has painted cobras and no locks, needing a secret ritual to open. In 1931 and 1908, groups who tried to open it fled after encountering cobras, as noted in a book by Emily Gilchrist Hatch.

The door is said to only open using sacred “Garuda Mantras” known by high level holy men called “Siddhapurshas.” Any other attempts using technology may bring disasters to the temple and beyond. The legends have protected the mystery of Chamber B for centuries, keeping its secrets intact. The treasures discovered already suggest unimaginable wealth still awaits any who dare unlock Chamber B using the power of the Garuda Mantras.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Underground Vaults

In 2014, journalist Jake Halpern interviewed people who opened the vaults. Behind locked metal and wooden doors, they found a dark passage leading down stone steps into Vault A. A team pumped in oxygen before entering the glittering trove – diamonds and gems sparkling like stars in the dark. Gold coins spanning centuries, solid gold armor and idols encrusted with hundreds of gems lay in piles on the dusty floor. It took 15 men all day to haul everything upstairs.

Lawyer M. Balagovindan described the incredible wealth, including 100,000 gold coins, huge 110-carat diamonds “the size of a thumb”, and an idol of Vishnu covered in gems valued at $30 million.

Mystery and Intrigue Surround the Treasure


Today, the temple is guarded by metal detectors, cameras, and over 200 armed guards after 2015 reports of theft and mismanagement of the treasure. The Supreme Court received a 500-page report detailing the graft but the investigation stalled over fears of the treasure’s legend. The mystery continues to both allure and repel those who seek to unveil the full riches still hidden below the temple.

Conclusion: Myth vs Reality of the Temple Treasure

The mysteries surrounding the Padmanabhaswamy Temple treasure prove truth can be more intriguing than fiction. Myths of cobras and curses cannot disguise the allure of underground riches potent enough to inspire theft and corruption. Yet the full fortune remains elusive, with Chamber B’s contents tempting but forbidden.

Perhaps one day, technology and reason will prevail to document the entire trove scientifically. But for now, much like Schrödinger’s cat, the treasure exists in a state of quantum uncertainty – both undeniably vast and entirely unknown. The rumors persist because definitive answers stay buried, locked away by reverence, fear and wonder at powers beyond human understanding.

Most compelling are not the specifics of the treasure, but what it represents – a cosmic reflection of mankind’s eternal pursuit of wealth, caught between greed and the divine. As long as the Chamber B door remains sealed, our imagination can populate it with earthly gold or ethereal secrets, a Pandora’s box awaiting true enlightenment to reveal its contents. Until then, the Padmanabhaswamy treasure will continue fascinating the world as a legend larger than we can ever fully comprehend or confirm.


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