British Man Builds Secret Backyard Bunker Completely Invisible To The Naked Eye

Every man wants a man cave, even if he doesn’t have one. The basement or garage often become a man cave. A place for men to hang out, and give the ladies their space. This gives men a place to bond with the boys and talk about things like sports, finance, business and of course.. the women they just escaped!

Many men end up making their man cave the basement or the garage, but this is nothing special and nothing exciting or inspiring. Today we’re highlighting a man who build a backyard bunker. Colin Furze, a 42 year old man from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England has created quite the cool backyard bunker built in 2015.

When you enter his backyard all you see is grass and you wouldn’t suspect anything to be extraordinary until you see this beautiful shed in his backyard and enter in..

It’s a very nice shed, it looks like it could be a tiny home or something a bit nicer than a simple shed that stores tools. Turns out, this shed won the ‘shed of the year’ in 2017. Apparently there are competitions for the nicest built shed, and this one won! But that’s just the beginning of the story, it gets far more James Bond-esque than that.

When you enter the shed all you see is a nicely furnished shed. However, there’s a rug on the floor and when you pull up that rug there is a hatch that goes underground as shown here:

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Once you go down about 15 feet you enter a corridor, and this underground hallway leads to the full bunker area. Once you enter the bunker through the corridor you enter an open room that is shaped almost like a small airplane hanger.

The room is 24 feet long by 16 feet wide with 8 foot tall ceilings. Making it 384 square feet. About half the size of the average NYC apartment.

This room contains a small bed, a sink, a television and couch, a drum set and guitar area for jamming out, unique colorful lighting. A place for Colin and his buddies to hang out, jam out, watch tv and just generally have a good time. The benefit of the underground bunker is that they can jam out as loud as they want on the guitar and drum set and no one will hear them!

That underground bunker really does allow you to birth your musical madness to life without any side eyes. In fact, Colin enjoys jamming out so much that he got a ‘flame throwing metal guitar’ and quite literally plays while fire shoots out and chars the metal ceiling of the bunker. He can do this because the metal ceiling will not catch fire. An underground bunker with flame throwing guitars, Colin has realized his dream of being in Metallica clearly! You can see Colin jamming out in his bunker here:

Talk about wicked awesome, as they say in Britain. Colin goes on to describe that he can make all the noise that he’d like down here. He plays his fire metal guitar. He blew a drone up, and even shot off fireworks down there. There are marks on the wall from the damage but the bunker is metal so there is no fire hazard in that sense. What a playground for a pyro like this man!

This bunker is the ultimate band practice and ‘blow sh## up’ room. He also has an ‘ejector bed’ that launches you, like the movies. A thermite launcher, don’t ask me what that is. Along with assassins creed grappling hooks, wolverine claws, running built of knives, a fire throwing rocket launcher, a flame throwing guitar, wrist mounted flame throwers, magnetic shoes, turkey cooking machine, wrist mounted hydraulic jaws, hydraulic scissor shoes.

Long story short. Anything that produces a flame on demand and that is sharp, Colin probably has in his bunker. When I started writing this story I pictured a man cave. Then it became a James Bond Bunker.. and then it morphed into the Punisher and the man cave and James Bond are nowhere to be found anymore.

Watch The Tour Of The Secret British Bunker Here:

The bunker has it’s own ventilation so it never stinks and always smells fresh. Colin adds “I wouldn’t make it any differently if I was going to do it again”

Colin has food, water and toilet paper in the bunker. He has slept down there a few times during a few heatwaves in Britain, but he would not want to live down there because there’s no windows. He adds “Will it ever flood? No, I live on top of a hill, so if this place floods or fills with water a lot of other people will drown.”

At some point he’d like to extend it and add a bathroom and gas wood fire.

Furze also adds that he has multiple world records with this bunker. But will the real estate agent be able to sell it once he’s done with his bunker punisher phase? I’ll tell you one thing’s for sure. If a family buys this property I’m quite sure they’ll want all sharp and flame throwing objects cleared from the bunker before they move in.

Colin created and posted a video of how the ‘Apocalyptic Bunker’ was made here:

What do you think? Was it smart to create a metal bunker? Non-flammable and quite zombie proof! How would you create your bunker differently?

Some Are Saying War is Around The Corner – This is Your FINAL Survival Plan 

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