Maid of Honor Asks Bride-to-Be If She Can Bring Her Boyfriend to Her Wedding — And Her Boyfriend’s Wife as Her Plus-One

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There are a lot of odd relationship stories and love triangles out there on the Web these days, and few are more strange than one involving a Maid of Honor and her request to the Bride-to-Be.

This story involves a polyamorous woman who says she has a boyfriend who happens to be married, but she wants to bring the boyfriend to the wedding.

As an added bonus, she also wants to bring a second guest to the wedding, making for an impossibly difficult decision for the bride.

“I’m a-ok With That, But She’s Also Requested That I Allow Him to Bring His Wife.”

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The Bride-to-Be said she doesn’t want to judge her girlfriend’s polyamorous lifestyle, and is actually supportive of it.

But she has taken to Reddit to share her problem with the community.

The unnamed woman is surprised and flustered at her friend’s request to bring an extra plus-one on top of her actual plus-one to her big day.

“We are trying to keep the guest list low and I don’t want a woman I have never met at my wedding taking the place of a family member or friend I would have to cut due to numbers,” she said.

Additionally, the rest of her family has been “brought up a certain way,” and  might  not understand her MOH’s (Maid of Honor) lifestyle choice.

“I don’t really want to deal with my family talking about my best friend to me or her, or causing problems (which they have and will do) at my wedding, because they don’t understand or “approve of” that kind of relationship,” the Bride-to-Be continued.

According to the wedding site ChipChick, she has not yet accepted or declined her MOH’s request to bring her boyfriend and his wife to the wedding, but she has to make the decision “super fast.”

The wedding is not happening for another five months, but the venue needs a final headcount ASAP.

So, what do you think?

Should she let her MOH bring her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s wife to the same wedding, or all of this a bad idea?

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