Snow-White Albino Dolphin Looks Like Something Out of a Mystical Fantasy Realm

casper the dolphin

Dolphins are found all over the world, and come in many different sizes and shapes, from the pink dolphins of the Amazon to classic blue and grey colored species found in our oceans.

Included among all of these different dolphins and dolphins species is a one-of-kind creature that has inspired countless people since it was first discovered: the one and only albino dolphin, which was discovered along with its mother and other members of its tribe in Monterey Bay, California.

The fairytale-worthy animal was discovered patrolling an area on a boat where Blue Ocean Whale Watch employees were three miles away off the coast of Moss Landing, back in 2015.

albino dolphin

albino dolphin

The dolphin was recognized as the “Risso” dolphin according to employees from the Department of Animal Protection.

Zoologists were amazed at the fact that the creature’s mother was still by his side after so many years.

Abinism is as common in the wild as it is in humans, but albino dolphins keep essentially the same skin color throughout their life, unlike whales.

After three to four years, whales still acquire the natural color of the species, according to a recent article on the Risso’s dolphin.

The extremely rare dolphin was photographed off the coast of California in March of this year, and is one of only a handful to have ever been spotted across the globe.

Unfortunately for the dolphin, his distinctive appearance makes him vulnerable to predators.

He has never been pictured with his eyes open according to LADBible, which could indicate that the glare of the sea is too strong for him.

dolphin predators


Some scientists do not know if he has leucism (reduced pigmentation) or is a true albino, but according to photographer Jodi Frediani, he is the latter.

“Folks have said they cannot tell if Casper is leucistic or albino, as we cannot see his eye,” she said.

Many albino animals such as salamanders and frogs tend to live in caves or under rocks, lily pads, and other similar areas that provide cover from predators.

“I’m going with albino, with the eye closed as a clue. I’m guessing an albino eye would find the light and ocean glare too much.”

He also has freckles, believe it or not.

“Casper does have a few ‘freckles’ but albinos are not always totally lacking in pigment,” she said.

“We saw several grey whales and a pair of humpback whales, who even lunge fed – which is my very favorite thing to see – but Casper definitely stole the show.”

If you do get a chance to see him, be sure to wave — something this beautiful dolphin himself has been known to do.


rare white dolphin

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