Ten-Foot Wide House Sells to Family for $1.25 Million

ten foot house
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The housing market is red-hot in some areas, and one of the latest can’t-believe stories out of the northeast part of the country has people talking.

Recently, one of the smallest houses in the country, at least from a horizontal standpoint, took real estate agents and onlookers by surprise when it managed to sell for the unbelievable total of $1.25 million.

The house, a 2-bedroom, 1-bath unit, was built prior to the turn of the 20th century according to city records, with some estimating it was built way back in 1862.

narrow house

Dubbed “The Skinny House,” it measures 1,165 square feet, not much bigger than a large studio apartment.

The real estate agency described it as a “Floor-through residence with 3 exposures offering a unique floor plan, manicured gardens and a private roof deck with unobstructed harbor and city views.”

The backyard is quite charming, with ample greenery and patio space.

greenery in boston

Ten-Foot House is a Well Known Tourist Spot

Despite its relatively small size, the house is a well known tourist spot along the Freedom Trail in Boston.

“Our first day for marketing the property there was about 50 to 75 people just photographing the house, just part of their walking tour,” said Travis Sachs, agent who sold the house, according to NPR.

“Pretty amazing part of Boston, just to see it and say, ‘Wow look at this house I can’t believe somebody lives there.’”

The house is quite nice to look at, as evidence by its photos.

One woman who lives across the street, Mary McGee, said that the house is also known as the “Narrow House” and also as “The Spite House.”

house boston


The Legend of the Two Brothers

The house has quite the legend behind it as well, involving two brothers.

The narrow house was believed to have been built to “block off entry” to a bigger house built by a Civil War veteran’s brother on land the two of them shared, according to the neighbor.

“That other brother, to spite him, built the house there to block off entry” to the bigger house, McGee said.

The house was sold to a local family of four, meaning the kids will likely have to use bunk beds. They offered more than the $1.2 million list price.

“The kids are going to have the bunkbeds and the mother and father are going to be in the master suite next to the private roof deck. The kids are going to have the whole backyard,” the realtor told Morning Edition.

“And they’re also going to have four really skinny levels of house to live in.”

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