Man Quits His Job, Buys Building After Detroit Car Cleaning Business Goes Viral on TikTok

detroit man buys the building


There are plenty of success stories out there among entrepreneurs for those who are willing to look, even in these challenging economic times.

While businesses have been shut down for months and even years, others have been working feverishly to pick up the slack, and coming through in ways nobody could have ever anticipated.

One such story was recently profiled by the Detroit Free Press, involving a man whose car cleaning business was catapulted into the type of overnight success that is rarely seen in today’s day and age.

“He’s Been a Fan of Cars Since He Was 3”

Dae's Detail

The business, ‘Dae’s Detail,’ is located on Gratiot Road in Detroit, a city known for its automotive industry as much as its grittiness.

The shop is run by Daviant “Dae” Palmer, who meticulously inspects and details his customers’ cars by hand, scrubbing away dirt with his mother, Typhany Jones, trailing behind him on her phone.

Jones posts the viral videos that have taken TikTok by storm, while Palmer does his best to provide top-tier customer service.

Dae’s goal is to hear his customers saying “it looks better than when I bought it” upon leaving, he said according to a report from the Free Press.

The business’ focus on customer service and attention to detail, and viral videos on car cleaning have led to runaway success.

“It definitely changed my life,” Palmer said. “I learned a lot about business because I had no clue. It was something that I wanted to do, I just didn’t know how to and then I was just thrown into it.”

(Notice: Videos contain explicit language in some parts)

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Detroit Man Quits His Job, Buys a Building and Lives His Dream

Palmer daughter
Palmer and his daughter, whom he says is his inspiration. Via Instagram


One morning, a video of a Porsche filmed by his mother received over three million views.

The phone was ringing off the hook. Customers flooded in, and revenue leapt by about 70%, the article stated.

Before long, the family purchased a building and began scaling the business quickly, allowing Palmer to quit his other job to focus on the hustle and bustle of the detail business.

He even received a sponsorship with Turtle Wax, the car care company based in Illinois that has been in operation since 1944.

In a city where poverty is rampant and hard times have hit in recent years, Palmer wants to make a difference, and know he has the platform to do it, all thanks to hard work, support from his family and the magic of social media.

“I really want to give back to this community,” Palmer said. “I really wanted to see Detroit come back to what it used to be back in the day, and I want to help that.”

Read the full story from the Detroit Free Press here.


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