Florida Student Suspended 38 Times Over Mask Mandate Could Flunk Out

florida girl suspended
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While masks have been either mandated or strongly recommended at restaurants, bars, stores, government buildings and everywhere in between, many Americans and others around the world continue to practice and advocate for their right to refuse.

Florida’s mask rules are among the least strict in the world, but a story involving an eight-year-old girl and local regulations has people talking.

It all started with her refusal to wear a mask in a school where mask mandates are still being enforced.

And, as noted in a recent article from a news station in Palm Beach County, it may end with her flunking out of the second grade.

Second-Grader Suspended Nearly 40 Times for Refusing to Wear a Mask

According to an article from a local TV station in West Palm Beach County, Florida, second-grader Fiona Lashells, who just turned 8 years old, has been refusing to wear a mask in school for months.

Because of this, she has been suspended 38 times, the article said.

Now, her teachers have told her parents that she has missed so much class she may flunk out of second grade. Fiona is not a fan of the way the mask makes her feel, and said the following about it.

“You wear it for a long time and you breathe in all those germs,” Fiona. “You set it down at lunch and put it back on your face and breathed that all in all day long.”

Her mother reportedly has been shocked by the school district’s constant suspensions and refusal to teach her young daughter, who is falling behind her classmates in school as a result.

“I was really shocked by it,” Fiona’s mom, Bailey Lashell said. “I couldn’t believe it was all over not complying with the mask mandate.”

The little girl reportedly told board members they belong in jail at a school board meeting.

A social media commenter named Beth had the following to say.

“They are picking on a little girl because she has the guts to stand up for her rights and parents with the integrity to back her up,” the commenter said.

The CDC has recommended masks due to what they say is their ability to prevent infections. But a large contingent of people increasingly believes that masks may cause health problems, especially with prolonged use.

Studies and independent licensed doctors have linked them to a host of potential health problems as revealed in a popular article shared by MSN.com.

The article was deleted by MSN.com as the CDC’s opinion shifted in favor of mask wearing, and has subsequently been posted by alternative media websites.

Online fact checkers including Newsguard subsequently began taking issue with the contents of the article after it was posted and rewritten on other websites.

The suspensions have come in a county where mask mandates are still being enforced, the article added.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis previously signed an executive order making face masks optional in schools.

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