The Meme “Let’s Go Brandon” is Taking Over the Web — Here’s What It Means

Current President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20, 2021 along with Vice President Kamala Harris, and since then a lot has happened.

His approval rating started out at 55% according to Reuters, and dipped to its lowest point of 46% according to the same source in August 2021.

Currently, his number sits at 48% approval according to Reuters as of October 2021, but it’s far lower according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University according to a report from The Hill: 38 percent.

The backlash against Biden isn’t the most pleasant thing to report on nor is it easy to pin down, but one thing’s for sure: it’s becoming too much too ignore in this country, regardless of what political party, system, or ideology you support, if you do in fact support any specific one.

“Let’s Go Brandon” Meme Goes Viral: And It Has a Lot to Do with Joe Biden

While perusing the Web on YouTube, Facebook or similar platforms, you may have noticed a rather odd occurrence recently: the use of the term “Let’s Go Brandon!” in the most confusing and unknown times.

The phrase has an interesting origin that you may want to know about, as it all started with a NASCAR driver named Brandon Brown aired by NBC earlier this month.

According to a report on the incident from, it all began with a chant during an interview with Brown conducted by NBC journalist Kelli Stavast.

Brown had just won the NASCAR Inifinity Series, and the crowd began to get louder and louder as he positioned himself in front of Stavast’s microphone.

“Brandon, you also told me — as you can hear the chants from the crowd,” Stavast says before the camera pans to show the audience.

In the video, it can clearly be heard that the audience is chanting “F&%@ Joe Biden!” although the driver doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to them.

Stavast, perhaps wanting to sweep the chants under the rug or perhaps wanting to make the broadcast sound more professional, decides to interject by stating that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”

The video can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here but be warned, it contains colorful language to say the least.

While the phrase is not exactly the most polite way of expressing one’s self politically, it is quickly becoming a nationwide trend that shows no signs of slow; in fact it may be snowballing at the moment.

The phrase can be found on t-shirts, bumper stickers, “Let’s Go Brandon” flags and more.

It remains to be seen as to how the Biden administration or his supporters will respond to this viral trend, but let’s hope that civility and cooler heads prevail, because the last thing we need is more violence and division in this country.

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