The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth is Ripe With Out-of-This-World Plant Life

The island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean is like walking on another planet with its unique plant life.

Long used as a Soviet naval port, the island is located in the Indian Ocean, 380 miles south of Yemen and is now open to a limited number of tours.

It makes up 95% of the nearby archipelago’s landmass and it’s geographically a part of Africa, but politically belongs to Western Asia (Yemen).

The island is home to a number of unique species, with nearly a third of its plant life found nowhere else on the planet, making it a popular location for those curious about rare plants and geographic features.

The striking assortment of bizarre yet sublime and beautiful plant life on this island looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, and it really is a wonder to behold.

socotra island

Socotra is also home to several uniquely beautiful species, including the gorgeous bird known as the Socotra starling.

This little creature gets its name from the iridescent blue and green colors that adorn their feathers.

A close relative in appearance to a hummingbird, it also feeds on nectar like many other birds do; however what makes this one unique is that they pollinate flowers such as those found in grapefruit trees by chasing after them at high speeds while hovering above with wings flapping erratically!

socotra starling

Other Socotra birds include the Desert Wheatear, Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark, the very attractive Cinnamon Bunting and a glossy black long tailed Somali Starling.

The Socotra Sparrow is another well known one to the locals.

Many people believe that the island is also home to the original Garden of Eden, due to its biological diversity and isolation.

Some even connect it with ancient Sumerian tales of a paradise called Dilmun which was found on Yemen’s Gulf of Aden.

Socotra is known as the “most alien-looking place on Earth” and for a good reason.

Just take a look at its desert rose or bottle tree (Adenium socotranum), which resembles something out of this world, with its smooth white trunk that looks like an elephant leg stuck into the ground and topped by spiky leaves resembling cacti needles.

socotra desert rose

The island is also home to two of the most medicinal plants on Earth: Sangre de Drago and Frankincense!

Check out this unbelievably cool Frankincense tree hanging off of a cliff.

If you’ve never tried Frankincense oil before, you are missing out.

It helps to amplify mental abilities and intuition by increasing blood flow and circulation to the brain.

No wonder it was given as a gift by the Magi during the time of Jesus Christ!

(Learn more or try some organic Frankincense oil here).

The tree sap of the famous Socotra trees also contains a red colored resin known as Sangre de Drago.

This resin is widely used for healing cuts and burns, and it can even repair the interior of the body in ways that allow it to combat leaky gut and other health problems.

It is also known as the number one source of natural collagen among any plant.

Try some organic Sangre de Drago here!

Last but not least, another example of this island’s incredible fauna. It’s the Socotra golden-winged grosbeak!

If you ever get a chance to check out this island, do not hesitate.

There is simply no place out there like it, and whoever gets the chance to go is among the luckiest people on Earth.

‘Til next time and thanks for reading. I can’t wait to visit this magical place some day!

socotra island

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