The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Red Light Therapy (and why you really are missing out)

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Red light therapy has been a growing trend. We see it online, we see our favorite health and wellness influencers do it. We are now seeing our friends get these devices also. But what’s the craze about? Red light therapy is a light therapy that supports the health of the body and biological functions. I learned years ago that light can either be healthy or unhealthy depending on it’s source. Like what we eat or drink, light can either harm us or help us.

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This led me down the rabbit hole of light, how it effects our sleep, energy levels, mitochondria, immunity, lymphatic health and MORE. And guess what? It affects all of it, and more.

Light is a nutrient and it helps us stay healthy and improve our health. There’s a reason being in sunlight feels so great! We’re soaking up vitamin D from the sun by having our skin exposed. It does more than that though. Sunshine stimulates the lymphatic system, improves circulation and does so much more. To understand the health benefits of red light therapy it is important to first understand the health benefits of sunshine. To learn more about the health benefits of sunshine, the healthiest light you can get, watch this video:

What is Red Light Therapy Exactly?

Understanding how sunshine works is important because red light therapy is the closest thing to sunshine as far as technology is concerned. Red light therapy was created to mimic sunshine. There are nanometer spectrums (wavelengths) of light that range from 400 to 750. There’s a range here, and what red light therapy manufacturers did (not all of them, but most of them, we’ll get to that later) was mimic these wavelengths of light in their devices.

They did this so that when the red light shines on your skin it mimics the response of sunlight on your skin. Ultimately, sunlight is the most ideal form of light. The healthiest form of light. For people that live in the northern hemisphere however, we are void of sunlight for about half the year. This is when vitamin D deficiency sets in as well as S.A.D. – short for seasonal affective disorder. This is also when our immune system is compromised, partially because of this vitamin D deficiency which plays an important role in immune function.

Red light therapy devices carry 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 850nm. These are all nanometer spectrum wavelengths of light that you get from the sun, that red lights have built in to give you those benefits when the sky is grey and cloudy outside.

How Red Led Spectrums Benefit Health:

630 Wavelength:

One of the most scientifically proven wavelengths of light for health and wellbeing. This is beneficial for the skin as it is the wavelength that interacts with the skin most. It helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and it also helps to stimulate hair growth. This is also beneficial in treating acne as well as treating the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers.

660 Wavelength:

The 660 wavelengh of light helps to reduce fatigue, decease inflammation, improves bone healing, swelling following an injury, reduces neuropathic pain and accelerates wound healing. This is great for physical recovery after a workout and keeps you fit and strong!

810 Wavelength:

This wavelength also improves wound healing and recovery. It supports healing and recovery as a whole. It has also been proven to support stroke recovery in certain patients. One study showed that it provided neuroprotective benefits for people that had moderate to severe strokes. It has also been shown to help support people who have had a traumatic brain injury. It has shown to improve psychiatric disorders. It also supports people who suffer from stress and anxiety. This also supports hair growth.

830 Wavelength (Near Infrared Light):

This wavelength helps to reduce infections as well as to accelerate healing. This boosts feel good endorphins which work to help us feel happier. This also improves bone repair and bone growth.

850 Wavelength:

Studies have shown that this wavelength enhances muscle performance and recovery. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body. It helps heal wounds on the skin, hyper pigmentation, wounds and skin conditions.

As you can see these four spectrums of light have a variety of benefits. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of red light therapy. Take a look at the wide range of benefits of red light therapy.

You can visit Mito red light by clicking here. I recommend the full body unit as your full body benefits and the nice warm light is nice! Use the discount code: healthywildfree to get 5% off your order!

The Top 10 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

1. Red Light Therapy Improves Vitamin D Absorption

Believe it or not, red light therapy (or RLT for short) helps to prime the skin to absorb more vitamin D when you do get sunshine. This is one of the biggest and most unknown benefits of red ligth therapy. The latest research has shown this and barely anyone knows it! What a good deal!

2. Red Light Therapy Benefits Skin Health:

The skin benefits in many ways. Skin healing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as treating skin conditions such as acne. This is one of the anti-aging beauty benefits of red light therapy.

3. Red Light Therapy Reduces Inflammation:

Inflammation is a cause of many health issues and concerns. Inflammation creates a stress on the body that the body has to recover from. Inflammation is one of the core causes of pain and many diseases. If you live in a state where you’re chronically inflammed you need to give your body anti-inflammatory support with red light therapy. This can reduce pain as well as prevent the ongoing harm of inflammation.

4. Red Light Therapy Enhances Physical Performance And Energy:

Physical performance and energy are enhanced by red light exposure. This is why I start my day with red light therapy. It really wakes my brain and body up and I feel energized and more clear after doing a red light therapy session.

5. Red Light Therapy Improves Mitochondrial Function:

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Red light therapy enhances mitonchondria function. This is the part of the cell that creates energy to power the body and to power you. The more efficient and powered up your mitochondria are the better your body works and this causes it to work more efficiently as a whole.

6. Red Light Therapy Increases Circulation:

Red light therapy enhances circulation as well as boosts NO, Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide is a gaseous molecule that enhances your circulation and enhances blood flow. This especially helps with blood flow to the extremities, the hard to reach places in our body such as our toes and hands.

7. Red Light Therapy Strengthens The Body’s Tissue:

The body’s tissue is strengthened by red light therapy. It creates fibroplast proliferation which supports collagen production as well as the connective tissue within the body. This is important to stay strong in many ways.

8. Red Light Therapy Reduces Pain:

Different inflammatory markers are reduced from red light therapy. This is helpful as inflammation leads to pain. It also enhances circulation and connective tissue so if there’s an injury or simply inflammation, or lack of blood flow, it can work from any angle to support the body and reduce pain by increasing the flow of the natural body.

9. Red Light Therapy Enhances Hair Growth:

Hair grows faster, healthier and stronger when exposed to red light. Put red light on your scalp and on any blood spots to increase blood flow and hair growth in that area!

10. Red Light Therapy Increases Antioxidant Capacity!:

This is one of the coolest and most unknown benefits. Certain light-based compounds that are generated from photosynthesis in plants such as chlorophyll, lycopene and curcumin are enhanced while doing red ligtht therapy. The key here is to take these photoreceptive antioxidants in right before going into the red light and they will be enhanced further. I recommend turmeric from Omica Organics (click here to visit) and use the discount code: VFDF7M to get 10% off your order. Take any of these three before doing red light therapy to get an enhanced effect.

I own red light therapy from multiple companies, about four now. I’m a bit hooked on red light as you might imagine! I have used these companies on and off over the last 5 years. One of them broke and I contacted the company and they wanted me to ship it in then pay to get it fixed. I didn’t break it, it simply stopped working.

I’ve gotten a few thousand dollars of red lights over the past five years and I’ve settled on the brand Mito Red Light. This brand has the four wavelengths of light discussed above which mimic sunlight. They are also a few hundred dollars cheaper than other lights which are quite literally the same product.

11. Red Light Therapy Benefits Sleep Health:

Your sleep is disrupted by white and blue light. We have too much of this toxic light in our lives. Red light helps the body to produce more melatonin and on the proper time. Melatonin is your sleep your hormone. The better and more timely your melatonin is produced the healthier your sleep patterns will be. I have more energy and wake up feeling more rested when I use red light therapy.

You can visit Mito red light by clicking here. I recommend the full body unit as your full body benefits and the nice warm light is nice! Use the discount code: healthywildfree to get 5% off your order!

Here’s The Red Light I Recommend:

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Use the discount code: healthywildfree for 5% off your order!

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