This Man Tested Eating A Big Mac With Apple Cider Vinegar and Monitored How His Blood Sugar Responded – Here Are The Results

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A man on facebook was recently testing an idea to see how his blood sugar responded after eating a Big Mac burger. During this experiment he sort of took the Morgan Spurlock concept of Super Size Me to the next level. The man known as ‘insulanresistant1’ shares several videos in which he tests his blood sugar after a Big Mac and after using apple cider vinegar to see if this affected his blood sugar levels after eating a Big Mac as well.

The man started with his baseline test. He at a Big Mac burger and his blood sugar spiked 31 milligrams. This was his baseline for all additional tests.

He then tested how Apple cider vinegar in a liquid shot before the meal, in a capsule form and in a gummy form impacted his overall blood sugar levels a few hours after each Big Mac. He did this test several days in a row to really compare it all and see what worked best.

Watch The Blood Sugar Spike From One Big Mac Burger:


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A post shared by Justin (@insulinresistant1)

As you can see the blood sugar spike is 31 milligrams. That’s the benchmark with a Big mac and nothing else. Now watch what happens when he has a big mac with nothing more than a 1 tbsp shot of apple cider vinegar before the Big Mac:


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A post shared by Justin (@insulinresistant1)

As you can see with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar the blood sugar spike was 24 milligrams. That’s about a 25% reduction in the blood sugar spike which is pretty good for one simple shot of apple cider vinegar before the burger.

Now, here’s the experiment with an apple cider vinegar pill:


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A post shared by Justin (@insulinresistant1)

As you can see, this is still a pretty good reduction in blood sugar levels. Pretty close to that of the apple cider vinegar liquid shot. That’s still a 17% decrease in blood sugar levels which is easy in a pill form. You can have these pills in your car for if you do happen to eat fast food.

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Lastly, the main tested the popular Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies and you won’t believe his results. Check it out here:


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A post shared by Justin (@insulinresistant1)

As you can see his blood sugar actually spiked higher than the baseline Big Mac without the gummies. This is because the Goli gummies contain high levels of sugar so while they do contain apple cider vinegar the sugars in these gummies backfire and spike blood sugar even further.

The ultimate solution is the liquid apple cider vinegar from Braggs, however, how many of you are carrying this around in your car? I don’t eat fast food if I do eat out in any way I need something quick and easy.

This is why I keep a bottle of PaleoValley Apple Cider Vinegar pills in my car, because they reduce blood sugar by 18% and they contain digestive support aids like turmeric, lemon, ginger and cinnamon which aid in digestion and further balancing of blood sugar levels. You can get 15% off this capsule for a limited time by clicking here. 

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