This Plant is a Powerhouse For Digestion, Fat Loss, Lowers Blood Sugar, Supports Immunity & More!

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We’ve all heard of it Guava fruit, yes? If not, it’s a delicious tropical fruit that grows in places like Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Florida. This tropical fruit looks almost like a lime or odd shaped avocado on the outside, but on the inside it has a pink fruity flesh that is absolutely delicious!

Guava fruit tastes a bit like strawberries and pears if they had a baby! It’s a creamy texture yet has a nice red/pink fruit flavor as the inside of Guava has a variety of red colored nutrients.

As with other fruits, there is a great range of nutritional value (including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) within Guava fruit. But that’s not what today’s article is about. Like the Soursop fruit, the soursop has more medicinal value from the tree than from the fruit itself.

Guava fruit tastes delicious and has great value as far as health benefits are concerned but it turns out that the leaves are full of medicinal value. Best part, I found out how to get this delicious leaf in a delicious concoction!

What’s Inside Guava Leaves?

Fresh guava leaves are jam-packed with amazing many amazing antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit your health too! Guava leaves are rich in various nutrients including but not limited to polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids and carotenoids, which have been used to treat multiple diseases in the past.

Guava leaf also happens to contain a great amount of Zinc. Zinc is a nutrient that is more difficult for vegan and vegetarian based eaters to get enough of in their diet.

Zinc is incredibly important for healing and repairing the body. It helps to create DNA, new cellular growth, as well as healing damaged tissue and supporting the immune system in a strong way.

Guava leaves are also a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for skin health, collagen production and so much more.

Guava leaves also contain a wide array of minerals and vitamins, as well as fatty acids. These include but are not limited to Vitamin A, E, C, K and a wide array of B-vitamins. These leaves also include zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and more! Guava leaves even have a little bit of protein in them!

How Do Guava Leaves Impact Your Health?

Guava leaves are choked a wide range of nutrients that are beneficial for much of the body. Thankfully these nutrients work in unison with your biology to lower blood sugar levels, burn belly fat, support the anti-cancer immune system and so much more.

Studies have shown that guava leaf helps to reduce constipation as well as stop diarrhea. It has many digestive health benefits.

Other studies show that there is plenty of anti-cancer activities and nutrients within guava leaf tonic. This is a good preventitive measure for overall health, wellbeing and immunity.

Guava leaf tonic also helps to support the health of the scalp and hair! It prevents hair loss and has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits which are good for not only the skin, gut and immunity but also the scalp to stay healthy and pH balanced.

Guava leaf may also protect the heart as it has been shown to lower blood pressure levels naturally.

Guava leaf has also been shown to relieve women who are having menstrual cramping. A great addition to any woman’s supplement routine! In fact, it has been shown to be better than painkillers for dealing with stomach or uterine cramps also.

It’s clear to see that Guava leaf is a must for any woman who is serious about her health!

Where is The Best Quality Organic Guava Leaf Extract?

I have been taking a guava leaf tonic from Omica Organics. This product is incredibly delicious and contains guava leaf, along with other amazing oils such as lavender, geranium, rosemary, moringa, aloe vera, fenugreek, aloe vera, ginger, orange and amla! You can get the simple powder extract or the liquid extract (the liquid extract tastes the best imo!) and contains more nutrients and plants. Visit Omica Organics Guava here, use the discount code VFDF7M for 10% off your order. 

This blend is incredibly rich in a wide array of organic nutrients. It tastes amazing, like candy but 100% healthy, organic and natural. This tincture acts as a digestive aid but also supports immunity, brain health, blood health, lymphatic health and so much more.

Visit Omica Organics by clicking here. Remember to add VFDF7M to your order as a discount code to receive 10% off! Take a look of the label of this product below, it’s so tasty!

Take a look at the label here: 

As for the research, it has been shown that guava leaf does in fact lower blood sugar levels. One study with 19 people found that drinking guava leaf tea lowered blood sugar levels after a meal. The effects lasted up to two hours. And yet another study with 20 people with type 2 diabetes found that drinking guava leaf tea reduced blood sugar levels after a meal by more than 10%! This is a good sign that it’s a very quick and efficient way to lower blood sugar levels.

You can get straight guava leaf powder from Omica Organics for just 15 bucks by clicking here. And when you use the discount code VFDF7M you’ll save an additional 10% on your order. Cheers to your health!

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