Top 10 Prohibited Areas No Human Can Go

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There are some places on earth that are simply off limits. Areas that humans are not allowed to go, and this causes humans to be even more curious. Why can’t we go there? What lies behind these boundaries set by man? What secretive and undercover activity occurs here? Questions unanswered simply lead to more curiosity and sometimes even attempts by the bold and brave to go where ‘we’re not supposed to go’ on earth.

There are 10 areas that are prohibited from visiting that we as humans have natural curiosity about. What lies behind these barriers? Why are they off-limits? So many questions and so many theories.. Perhaps there are connections to other planets or galaxies. Perhaps there is lost treasure that is in this region that the powers that be in these regions do not want found.

Whatever it is, put your Indiana Jones thinking caps on because by the end of this article you’ll have all types of crazy ideas, theories and stories as to why these places are off-limits to humans.

Top 10 Prohibited Areas For Humans

10: Zone Rogue in France

An area in northeastern France that was destroyed after the war. The environment has taken a toll. There are human and animal body remains all over this region along with millions of explosives that could set off at any time. This one’s a no go for me, no reward in this risk!

9. Room 39 in North Korea

This is a top secret room in North Korea. It’s said to be one of the most secretive places in North Korea. It’s the meeting place for a top secret party organization. Apparently drugs and weapons dealings are done here. Apparently this room brings in $500 million to $1 billion YEARLY. If you try to get in, it won’t be pretty.

8. Vale do Javari in Brazil 

This area is one of the largest indigenous ares in the world. It’s home to a number of indigenous tribes. Around 2,000 people live here. They remained uncontacted up until a few years ago. It’s illegal to go here and they believe that we could transmit diseases and wipe them out.

7. Korean Demilitarized Zone

This is the area between North and South Korea. This is one of the most militarized zones in the world. They have enough weapons to bombard Seoul with over 10,000 rounds every minute. The North Korean side serves Up until 1972, over 7,000 soldiers infiltrated North Korea. Over half of people who infiltrated lost their lives.

6. Metro 2 in Moscow Russia

This is a secret underground transportation system. This is incredibly secretive but no one knows where it is. It’s banned from accessing.

5. Varosha Cyprus 

Varosha used to be a popular tourist attraction. IT was one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. As a result of Turkey invading they were forcibly removed form their homes and were never allowed to come back. The Turkish military took over and no one can get in. The army has orders to shoot on sight for anyone they see here.

4. Pine Gap in Australia

Deep in the Australian outback. This is a secret military base. It’s also known as ‘Australia’s area 51’ which is actually operated by the Australian Government, the CIA and the NSA. Mostly run by US 3-letter agencies. Interesting huh? In 2013 it was reveled that the NSA uses this facility to collect internet and telephone records. It was initially said this was just a ‘space research center’ – It’s a big place for intelligence and military operations. It’s rumored that this surveillance program here is the most advanced in the world.

3. Morgan Island Near Puerto Rico 

This island is FILLED with monkeys. This monkeys are said to be infected with the Herpes B virus. These Monkeys were from Puerto Rico. They tried to fix this problem by moving the monkeys to Morgan island. As a result, it’s off limits for the safety of humans and for the safety of the monkeys.

2. Mount Weather in Virginia 

This is one of America’s best kept secrets. It’s actually what it’s called. For years people were wondering if Mount Weather was actually real. It is! It’s an emergency operation center. They have an underground bunker there. They have their own police department, and ‘laws’ for this place. If anything crazy happens, this is where the Government will be hanging out.

  1. Russia’s Nuclear Missile Facility

    In the mountains there is a place where Russia does their Missile Nuclear testing. It’s believed that around this area the Government has a secret Government complex for testing missiles.

There’s actually one place on this list that is missing that really should be in the #1 spot. I heard about it years ago and it fascinated me. That place is Antarctica. There are rumors that there is international military there that will not let you cross certain areas. Talk about the exploration potential. What are they hiding? Watch this video to find out:


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