Authorities Discover a Fearsome 16-Foot Predator Prowling a Florida Home Owner’s Cellar

florida python predator

Florida is home to some of the most deadly predators in the United States, and we all know the most common one: the American alligator.

This time around it wasn’t an alligator that two authorities found as they approached the beast in front of them in a Broward County man’s basement, however.

florida python predator

As they approached the creature, they knew they could be in some kind of danger.

This predator was at least 16 feet long and 165 pounds, after all, and making matters even more complicated was the fact that the mysterious non-native beast clearly was not alone.

The pair who found the intruder in the man’s basement knew they would need to call on expert help. It wasn’t going to be easy, however.

When a specialist came to the house, he was taken aback by the size of the creature.

Even with professional experience, he had never seen anything like it before.

The predator in question isn’t just deadly to humans, however.

It’s also been recognized as a threat to local wildlife, ranging from possums to rabbits, bobcats, and deer.

It has shown the ability to tackle prey even larger than that, with one of its kind even having been spotted feasting on a seven-foot long alligator.

The two men first encountered the specimen beneath a home on an island in the Everglades.

According to a report from the website, the two men called in local conservationist Ron Bergeron, a man whose work has earned him the nickname “Alligator Ron.”

This time around, a different type of action would be needed, however.

Ron Bergeron

This beast wasn’t going to be easy to catch at all. After all, it had just crawled underneath the floorboards of the old house, and there was also the issue of the predator not being completely alone.

Knowing this, Bergeron took the time to contemplate his next move.

He had seen other similar specimens in the Sunshine State, so he knew their strength.

In case you may have been wondering, it wasn’t a Florida panther.

These wild cats, once desirable trophies for hunters, remain in numbers of less than 100 according to some conservationists.

It wasn’t a Florida black bear, either. This bear is one of the most dangerous animals in the state, but is endangered here, so you won’t find him lurking in any cellars.

The waters also host sharks, of course, but this basement was not a suitable dwelling place for sharks.

So, have you begun to put two and two together to figure out what the animal might be yet?

In this case, it was a snake not native to the region, but one that appears to be taking it over: the Burmese python, which has been decimating local animal species, taking down even the fearsome alligator in a bid for territory and security.

This python has no known predators, originally hails from Asia and has been wreaking havoc across the region.

At 16 feet long and 165 pounds, the python was the second largest that Bergeron had ever seen.

It was merely a foot away from begin the longest ever measured in the state.

Perhaps even more terrifyingly, this female predator was protecting a nest of at least 50 eggs, adding to the danger and urgency of the situation.

Thankfully, Bergeron and his comrades were able to diffuse the situation before anything terrible happened, and removed the snakes from the man’s home.

“With good fortune, we were able to find a large female and remove her and an entire nest of up to 50 baby snakes, which would have continued killing off our precious habitat,” he said to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

bergeron predator

Bergeron and his team had gotten the situation under control, and all that was left to do was celebrate.

The snake had been captured, and the homeowners could finally go on with their lives. 

Special thanks to all of the brave Floridians and other people across the world out there working to keep us, our children and our pets safe from these and other dangerous animals, and thank you for reading!

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