The Cave Of Swords Contains Gargantuan Living Crystals Of Selenite That Actually “Breathe” 90% Humidity Into Their Surrounding Air – Here’s What Explorers Learned After Major Discovery

cave of swords
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The Cave of Swords in Mexico is home to a stunning natural wonder – colossal selenite crystals that seem to “breathe” humidity into the cave air. These crystalline giants were recently documented by cave explorers, who were amazed to find sword-like selenite specimens up to 11 meters long inside the cave. The new discoveries provide insight into how these gargantuan crystals grow and interact with the cave climate.

The Cave of Swords, located near Naica in Chihuahua, Mexico, was first discovered in 1910. The cave contains some of the largest natural selenite crystals ever found, ranging from tiny needles to enormous translucent pillars. Selenite, a crystalline variety of the mineral gypsum, forms through hydrothermal processes when hot, mineral-rich waters flow through rock cracks and voids. Growth is extremely slow, estimated at just 1 millimeter per century.

In this humid, stagnant cave environment, the selenite crystals can reach epic proportions over hundreds of thousands of years. Recent expeditions have documented new halls and passages with titanic crystals up to 2 meters wide and over 10 meters long – the length of a school bus. Scientists were surprised to find the crystals still actively growing, interacting with the cave’s exceptionally humid microclimate.

The Cave of Swords contains an atmosphere with 90-99% relative humidity – key for the crystals’ continued growth. Researchers found the giants appear to be “breathing” – slowly taking up humidity from the air to add molecules to their structure. In turn, they regulate humidity levels to maintain the near-saturated conditions that allow further crystalline expansion.

This discovery of massive, living crystals provides exciting new insights into how these geologic wonders can thrive. As researchers continue to unveil the secrets of the Cave of Swords, these crystal giants offer a glimpse into our planet’s astonishing natural beauty.

Crystals Reach Record-Breaking Sizes In Cave Of Swords

The selenite crystals discovered in the Cave of Swords are some of the largest natural crystals ever documented. While most crystal specimens measure just centimeters or inches, the cavern contains countless crystalline giants exceeding 10 meters in length and 2 meters in width.

These colossal sizes result from an exceptionally stable, humid environment that has allowed uninterrupted crystal growth over hundreds of millennia. With plenty of time and mineral-saturated waters, the crystals continue to slowly expand, reaching titanic proportions.

The largest crystal found to date stands at 11 meters long, with a base almost 4 meters wide. This massive column-like crystal exceeds the height of a four-story building. Researchers believe even larger specimens may remain undiscovered in unexplored parts of the cave system.

A Rare Window into “Living” Crystals In Cave Of Swords

Scientists were fascinated to observe the Cave of Swords crystals actively interacting with their environment. Ongoing humidity and temperature measurements show the crystals are not inert or dormant, but continue to “breathe” and fluctuate in size.

The near-saturated humid air allows the crystals to periodically add molecules to their structure, like a living organism. Subtle expansions and contractions have been recorded in response to humidity changes. In a sense, the crystals are still alive and growing.

This rare glimpse into living crystals provides an exciting opportunity for researchers to better understand crystal growth mechanics. The Cave of Swords offers a real-time look at gigantic crystals that have been growing undisturbed for up to 500,000 years.

Regulating Humidity Through Crystalline “Breathing”

The Cave of Swords contains a climate of 90-99% relative humidity – ideal crystallizing conditions. Researchers were amazed to find the crystals themselves help maintain these humid levels through a kind of respiration cycle.

As air humidity drops, the crystal structures absorb water molecules from the surrounding air to continue growth. This micro-condensation within the crystal lattice raises cave humidity back up.

When cave moisture gets too high, the crystal growth process reverses; the structures release excess moisture back into the air through subtle contractions. This breathing cycle keeps ambient humidity within the ideal 90-99% range.

This discovery reveals a fascinating symbiotic relationship. The humid atmosphere enables crystal growth, while the crystals in turn regulate humidity – all allowing these crystalline giants to keep expanding to monumental proportions.

The Recorded Deaths In The Crystal Cave  of Swords – Naica, Mexico

The magnificent crystal caves of Naica are perilous for human explorers. While the crystals themselves are wondrous to behold, the extreme heat and humidity within the caves can quickly become lethal. As such, there have been few expeditions into these crystal caverns, and strict precautions are taken to avoid loss of life.

The Cave of Crystals, discovered in 2000, has temperatures reaching 113°F (47°C) and humidity approaching 100%. Researchers dubbed it the Cave of Death, as exposure for just 30 minutes could lead to fatal heatstroke. To explore safely, scientists wear specialized cooled suits and breathing apparatus, limiting expeditions to under an hour. Despite precautions, one team member succumbed to heat exposure in 2009 after removing his cooling suit prematurely.

Even the smaller Cave of Swords, found in 1910, has taken lives. In 1917, two miners perished from heat while attempting to excavate crystals. Access is now restricted. Across both caves, at least three deaths have been recorded to date, all caused by extreme heat and humidity.

While alluring, these crystal caves remain highly hazardous environments. With temperatures exceeding that of the human body and near-suffocating humidity, our physiology cannot endure such conditions unprotected for long. Strict protocols and suits are vital to ensure safety, but do not eliminate the inherent risks of exploring Earth’s most crytalline – yet deadly – underworld.

In Conclusion

The monumental crystals of Mexico’s Cave of Crystals stand as true natural wonders of our world. Formed in absolute darkness over immeasurable years, these crystalline giants reveal the astounding beauty and complexity Earth can create given time.

Yet for all their magnificence, the hostile environment of the crystal caves also makes them perilous realms for curious humans. Similar to ancient ruins with hidden traps, these breathtaking geologic formations can swiftly turn deadly for those who dare enter their domain unprepared.

Fortunately, with strict controls and protections, scientists have begun to unravel the secrets of the crystals’ origins and growth. As research continues, these massive gypsum pillars offer a window into geological forces almost beyond human reckoning. For now, the Cave of Crystals remains one of Earth’s most spectacular, if forbidding, subterranean treasures – a testament to nature’s stunning geometric handiwork.

Perhaps someday, when technology allows us to brave the deadly heat and humidity, more humans will be able to visit this underground crystal palace in person. Until then, we can only imagine standing in awe beneath these towering crystal sentinels in their strange, hostile yet beautiful underworld. Their existence expands our conception of the marvels our planet can produce, if only given the expanse of deep time to work its mineral magic.


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