Top 11 Healthy Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

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This time of year is inspiring, full of cheer and full of giving and receiving. There are many gifts that can be given, but some gifts speak more uniquely. Personally, I like to give the gift of health and wellness during the holiday season. Giving the gift of health and wellness says “I care about you, and I want you to be here longer, to spend that time with you!” Below are a list of 11 different brands that have massive black Friday deals. The discount codes provided may work ON TOP OF the black Friday deals. So click the links to visit those individual websites, see the deals and use the codes as well. Both black Friday deals and discount codes may both work, giving you insane savings! We put a lot of time and research into this list, so enjoy!

Nothing quite says “I care about you” like a gift that quite literally allows them to spend more time and energy to enjoy this beautiful experience we call life. Today we’ll be highlighting 10 unique health and wellness products that are trending online right now that may make a great gift opportunity for your family member or friends this Christmas or holiday season.

We have scoured the internet searching for the most unique, creative and distinctive health and wellness brands for your kitchen, bathroom, gym and life. We gathered discount codes, and free shipping deals to include in this article to save you some money this holiday shopping season. Without further ado, check these unique and cool products out below..

11 Unique Health Gift Ideas

  1. Radiate Immunity: Radiate Immunity is a blend of 18 different ingredients from Ayurveda, Amazonian, Chinese and Native American medicine in one unique, and quite tasty, liquid capsule formula. This formula is unique in that it encompasses medicinal practices from all over the world and melts in your mouth. It has a minty, floral, earthy, spicy flavor. It’s an incredibly unique experience. It benefits immunity, lung health, and more. It helps to lower stress with adaptogens and high powered antioxidants. It’s one of the most unique health products I have ever tried. Even if you don’t get this as a gift, it’s #1 on the list because it’s at least worth giving as a gift to yourself! Visit to learn more. Use the discount code: gratitude for 10% off your order!
  2. Red Light Therapy Device: Red light therapy is quickly becoming a popular therapy that benefits energy levels, sleep, mitochondria and so much more. I have personally tried red light therapy from three different brands now and I have found that Mito red lights are the strongest, most therapeutic lights and the best cost. This warming red light and infrared therapy is great in the morning, afternoon or night. I have found that it increases my energy levels, helps me sleep better and is generally nice to have this warmth in the colder winter months. Visit by clicking here, use the discount code: healthywildfree for 10% off your order.
  3. Xero Shoes: Xero shoes is an up and coming shoe company that does one thing better than the rest, they engineered their shoes to be barefoot and minimalist mimicking. In other words, it feels like you’re barefoot while walkign and wearing these. They are incredibly beneficial for posture and for anyone that has any back or knee issues because they force the body to strengthen and for posture to be healthier as a whole. I only wear these shoes now, and have noticed that my flexibility and strength from the waist down has improved. Whether you get these as a gift or not, click here to visit and bookmark this website, because these are the shoes of the future. Designed for health and posture, not for fashion. That’s my kinda shoe!
  4. Boku SuperfoodsBoku superfoods is a really uinque superfoods brand out of Ojai California. They carry superfood powders, beauty products, golden berries, and several other really unique products including an immunity candle, a nasal (nose) health product, smile bites for teeth health and whitening and so much more. They also have one of my favorite seasonings! The delicious Umami seasoning comes in plain or hot and it tastes amazing on eggs, bread, chicken, beef and veggies. Your taste buds, or the taste buds of your special friend or family member will appreciate what Boku delivers. Click here to visit Be sure to use the discount code: healthywildfree for 10% off your order.
  5. Nootropics From Qualia: Nootropics are supplements that support brain health and brain function. Qualia is one of the leading and most effective brands in this space. They carry products such as Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus which are made for concentration and brain health as a whole. They also carry a great sleep product called Qualia Night, which enhances and improves sleep quality. They also have an energy drink and some other pretty unique products such as Qualia Skin and Qualia Vision. Click here to visit, Qualia’s website. Use the discount code: healthywildfree for a discount on your order.
  6. Healthy Snacks From PaleoValley: Every once in a while there’s a brand that comes a long that wow’s your taste buds. This is one of those brands. They carry the most delicious raw food bars you’ll ever taste. With flavors such as lemon meringue, red velvet, dark chocolate chip, apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice you cannot go wrong. Click here to get 15% off their raw food bars for a limited time. They also have the best tasting grass fed jerky sticks, and grass fed turkey sticks I have ever had. The flavor is unreal. Unlike most dried beef jerky, their jerky has more mostiure, so it tastes juicy! And they have flavors like summer sausage, jalepeno, garlic summer sausage and teriyaki. Click here to get 15% off their jerky sticks. These bars and jerky sticks make great stocking stuffers!
  7. Digestive Support From Bioptimizers: Nothing says to your lover “I want to see your abs again” like digestive enzymes as a gift! ha! For friends and family that have digestive support challenges this gift will give them the relief that they seek and be their saving grace. These enzymes help with bloating, uncomfortable tummy pains and digestive issues as a whole. Enzymes help to break down food, namely fats and proteins, the more difficult to digest macronutrients. Click here to visit and be sure to use the discount code: healthywildfree for 10% off!
  8. A Portable Air Device From Therasage: Therasage creates health technology products such as heated crystal mats, portable saunas and a really cool and unique device called thera03 ozone module. This device is portable, and once charged has two simple buttons and settings. One button to produce ozone, which helps to kill anything harmful in the air. Another button called ‘ion’ which emits negative ions in the air to create a relaxing environment. This device is great for anyone that has sensitive lungs or is particular about smells or unhealthy breathing environments. The portability of it is so nice, I takte it with me on the road when I travel for hotel rooms and airbnb’s! Click here to visit to see their products. Use the code: breathhacker for a discount!
  9. A Mini-Trampoline From Bellicon: For those fitness loving friends of yours, this fitness device is the ultimate lymphatic drainage machine! Bellicon is a German-Swiss engineered mini-trampoline. This bounce is unreal. It’s great for leg health, muscle development, joint health as well as lympahtic health as a whole as bouncing on a trampoline has been scientifically shown to drain the lymphatic system very effectively. For your friend or family member that always talks about lymphatic health, this is for them. It is a bit pricy however, but it’s an incredible gift and we did manage to find a link for free shipping in the continental 48 states, so you can at least get free shipping saving something like $70 by clicking here to visit Make sure to stay friends with whoever you give this one too, because the bounce is a blast! It makes fitness fun.
  10. Organifi Nutritional Powders: Organifi is a nutritional powder drink brand that creates some of the most delicious green, red and gold drink poweders. They are organic and delicious. The green flavor has a fresh minty taste and is meant to be used in the mornings. The red drink has a nice kool-aid flavor (but healthy) and has plenty of red fruits and berries mixed together. The red drink is meant to be used mid-day for a boost in energy to power through the day. The golden flavor is a golden milk turmeric based drink for night that is absolutely delicious. Mix this one with organic coconut milk for a yummy golden milk latte. Click here to get Organifi Green, click here to get oragnifi red, click here to get organifi gold. Use the discount code: yourhealth for 10% off your order.
  11. Bath Products From Omica Organics: Omica organics carries health and wellness products and particularly amazing products for the bathroom. This includes a shower filter, shampoo and conditioner, skin toner sprays, essential oils, bath salts, magnesium sprays, and so much more. They carry some incredible relaxation and spa-like products for your friend or family member that needs to destress a bit. Click here to visit Omica Organics website, and be sure to use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order.

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