Wayne Dyer Shares Why The Last 5 Minutes Of Your Day Are The Most Important (And What To Do With Them)

Wayne Dyer was a best-selling author, teacher, lecturer and filmmaker. He was a regular teacher on PBS specials and I learned a lot from him while he was alive. He was like a spiritual grandfather to me, on the screen and in the pages of his book. In fact, my goal was to meet him one day and ask him to be my ‘adopted grandfather’ but unfortunately I never got that chance. He passed, but leaves behind an important legacy and lot’s of wisdom to share.

Wayne Dyer was the author of power of intention, change your thougths change your life, your erroneous zones, and many more. Click here to see all of his books on amazon.com.

Wayne Dyer: Why The Last 5 Minutes Of The Day Are Most Important

This is the a powerful idea.

Wayne Dyer, a renowned self-help author and motivational speaker, emphasized the significance of the last five minutes of each day. According to Dyer, these minutes hold immense power and can greatly influence our well-being and overall quality of life. He believed that how we choose to spend these precious moments before drifting off to sleep can shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions in the following day.

Dyer encouraged individuals to make the most of this time by engaging in activities that promote positivity, reflection, and personal growth. He suggested that instead of dwelling on negative experiences or concerns, it is essential to shift focus towards gratitude and appreciation. This can be achieved through practices like writing in a gratitude journal, reflecting on the day’s blessings, or mentally reciting affirmations and positive statements.

Furthermore, Dyer stressed the importance of consciously releasing any negative emotions or tensions before going to bed. He advised individuals to let go of anger, resentment, and worry, as holding onto such emotions can disrupt inner peace and hinder personal growth. Instead, he recommended forgiveness and understanding, both towards others and oneself, as key elements to cultivating a peaceful mind and nurturing healthy relationships.

In addition, Dyer believed that the last five minutes of the day provide an opportune time for setting intentions and goals for the following day. By visualizing positive outcomes and envisioning success, individuals can program their subconscious mind to work towards these objectives, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving them. This practice can foster a sense of purpose and direction, enhancing motivation and productivity in daily life.

Ultimately, Wayne Dyer’s teachings regarding the last five minutes of the day revolve around cultivating a mindset of gratitude, peace, and intentionality. By consciously utilizing this time for positive reflection, releasing negative emotions, and setting goals, individuals can enhance their overall well-being, mental clarity, and success in various areas of life.

My Favorite Wayne Dyer Film: The Shift

When I was just 20 years old my brother discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work and he stumbled on a film called ‘The Shift’ which is a documentary film that Wayne Dyer made many years ago. This film was so helpful to help me understand that there is more meaning and purpose to life than success and making money. It was eye opening to me in many ways and I highly recommend watching it! Thankfully it’s free on youtube and you can see it here:

If you don’t have time now, bookmark this link in your web browser to watch it later. It’s worth it, I promise.

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