11 Secrets About Michael Jackson Almost Nobody Knew

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Michael Jackson might be one of the most famous pop stars of all time. Boasting more than 750 million album sales in his lifetime, including 8 platinum or multi-platinum albums. Additionally he had 13 number one singles, and had a whopping 47 tracks top the billboard hot 100. There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson was quite a legend in the world of pop music. His life wasn’t easy however, his father was very hard on him in his childhood and he had plenty of allegations as an adult that we all know about. Unfortunately, this fame and fortune couldn’t fix what broke him inside.

Michael Jackson had some secrets that he took to his grave with him however, some secrets that never came out in court or even with his close friends and family. Some of these are just coming to light now.

11 Secrets Of Michael Jackson:

1. He had a special relationship with bubbles: 

Bubbles was a chimpanzee that Michael Jackson was fond of. This Chimpanzee would often travel with him from show to show and city to city. No one quite understood, but Michael simply loved animals and this Chimpanzee was near and dear to his heart. For a while Chimpanzee lived at the neverland ranch and slept in his bedroom with his own bed, went to the bathroom and ate with him at the table. The Chimpanzee eventually grew up and become aggressive and had to leave Michael’s home.

2. Michael Jackson Wanted To Be Spiderman:

In a meeting with Stan Lee, Stan shared that Michael wanted to buy Spiderman and feature in it himself. When that didn’t work, Michael wanted to buy the whole company behind it, Marvel itself. Could you picture Michael Jackson playing Spiderman? That’s a tough sell, to be honest.

3. Michael Jackson Had a Rare Disease: 

Some people think Michael felt ashamed of his origins. He had plastic surgery more than once. The changes in the color of his skin was caused by a rare disease. This caused white spots on his skin and caused a strong sensitivity to the sun. He began hiding his spots but it became more and more difficult. He came out on Oprah and told the world about his rare skin disease and shared that he was still proud of being a black man.

4. Michael Jackson Was The Star Of Video Games: 

In 1989, the arcade game became popular where Michael Jackson was a moonwalker. In the game he stops a kidnapper from kidnapping all the children on earth, yeah, that’s strange, no? The arcade features Michael Jackson moonwalk dancing in the game. At the time, it wasn’t a big hit. In the game Jackson had to find and save only one girl.

5. Michael Jackson Had His Own Amusement Park: 

Michael Jackson had his own amusement park, naming it neverland. Buying it for an estimated $16.5 – $30 million dollars. This park cost $120,000 a month to maintain! This estate was five times the size of Monaco. Actor Mculley Coughin helped him out with this. After the stars death, it all fell into disrepair. There were no more attractions or animals in the park. The property was listed for $100 million but no one was interested. Now, it is worth $31 million.

6. Michael Created The Most Expensive Music Video In History:

As the pop stars fame grew, he had more money to spare and to spend on establishing and building his brand. He created some amazing music videos. The song scream was released against the media and the invasion of his privacy. This song had an amazing video and cost an estimated $7 million dollars to produce. That’s a lot of dough for a music video! Michael and Janet Jackson were aboard their own space ship in this video.

7. Michael Jackson is ‘The King of Africa’ From Elizabeth Taylor: 

Elizabeth Taylor called him the true king of pop, rock and soul, Mr. Michael Jackson. In 1992 he was warmly welcomed in the Ivory Coast in Africa. He was welcomed by over 100,000 people as he arrived. They had signs in English and French. Michael Jackson was a guest of King Nana Amon Ndoufou IV, the most important ruler on the Ivory Coast, ruling the kingdom of Sanwi in Ghana, crowing him a King as well.

8. Michael Jackson Had ‘Anti-Gravity’ Shoes:

Michael Jackson had a very unusual move in his music video for ‘smooth criminal’ showed a very unusual move. He leans forward at an angle of 45 degrees. They used ropes. But then, he created ‘anti-gravity shoes’ that allowed him to perform a move on any stage around the world. The kick of pop even patented his invention and you can find it in the original registrar.

9. Michael Jackson in ‘The Wiz” as Scarecrow: 

Michael Jackson met Quincy Jones on the set of his Scarecrow video. In the 1978 video “The Wiz” Michael had his first big appearance on the big screen as an appearance of the scarecrow. This was his first film appearance, but it was difficult to recognize him.

10. Jackson Broke His Nose While Performing a Dance Move: 

Michael Jackson had more accidents than you might think. In 1979 he broke his nose while performing and this caused him issues with breathing, so he had to receive surgery. Another unpleasant experience happened in 1984. While shooting a Pepsi commercial his hair caught on fire and this caused him 2nd degree burns. It was Pepsi’s fault, and they paid him $1.5 million dollars for the accident. All of which he donated to charity.

11. Michael Jackson Was Obsessed With His Appearance: 

Michael Jackson slept in a Hyperbaric chamber. This oxygen chamber helped him with his burn recovery. He was rumored to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber for longevity and health purposes. To ideally not age at all.

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson shocked us with his music, but he also had a lot of other secrets and facts that we did not know about. Did you know that Michael had patented his own shoes? or that he broke his nose while dancing? or that he had 2nd degree burns from his hair catching on fire? I didn’t know any of these things, and they were definitely the most shocking for me. What was the most shocking secret from Michael Jackson for you?

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