Psychologist Hired By Johnny Depp Testifies That Amber Heard Has Borderline Personality Disorder

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard controversy shows no signs of slowing, with the ex-husband and ex-wife continuing to sound off on each other, attempting to prove who was more abusive.

Thus far, social media is decidedly in favor of Depp, even though Depp was recently called out for being a “narcissist” by a high profile media pundit.

Depp has continued on undeterred, however. He has continually shown that Heard has been abusive toward him, and he is gaining more and more support by the day.

Now, Depp is bringing out a new player in the defamation trial, in the form of a forensic psychologist named Shannon Curry.

Depp’s Psychologist: ‘Amber Heard is ‘Self-Righteous, Judgmental, and Full of Rage’ 

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The psychologist said that she believes Heard has the aforementioned issues after spending 12 hours with her, during which Heard took several mental health tests.

Curry said she also reviewed her health records, documents, audio recordings, photos and videos before coming to her conclusions regarding ‘self-righteousness,’ ‘judgmental’ tendencies, and ‘rage.’

“These aren’t fact, but her scores were consistent with other people who had obtained these scores who have been shown through many, many studies to have these very specific traits,” Curry said.

‘Anger and Cruelty’ Also Exhibited, Psychologist Says 

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Depp has been accused by Heard’s attorneys of physical and sexual abuse.

But he has garnered support from countless social media users who say that Heard has been manipulative, twisted, and harmful to him, leading to Depp’s own outbursts of anger and rage. Depp has said he has never hit a woman, although Heard secretly filmed him in an alleged state of rage recently.

Depp testified that he was the victim of domestic violence during their relationship.

Curry testified that she believed Heard’s test results revealed she had a personality type tied to anger and cruelty that is “usually (associated) with people who are less powerful.”

The psychologist added that whenever psychologists see this code type, it is best to follow up with the patient’s subordinates, coworkers, and others “who have observed their behavior more closely.”

“The 36 code type is very concerned with their image, very attention-seeking, very prone to externalizing blame to a point where it’s unclear whether they can even admit to themselves that they do have responsibility in certain areas,” Curry said.

She added that the defining characteristic of this alleged ‘borderline personality disorder’ is instability, which shows up in a person’s relationships, emotions, behavior, sense of self, and identity.

“That instability is really driven by this underlying terror of abandonment,” Curry said about Heard.

She added that such people will make “desperate attempts” to prevent someone from leaving, such as by using physical aggression, threats, or harming themselves.

Depp previously responded that he responded to conflict with Heard by attempting to leave or hide, even locking himself in a bathroom at one point.

Curry did not evaluate Depp yet, and Heard has yet to testify in response. Stay tuned.

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