Man Baffled After Restaurant Charges Him ‘Unbelievable’ Fee to Bring His Own Cake

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Restaurants typically do everything they can to make their guests feel at home.

After all, they are paying the tab, and the servers, waitresses and cooks depend on their patronage, including tips, to make a living. Unfortunately for one man, the tab was much higher than he expected, and he says it was all due to a restaurant trying to charge him a surprisingly high fee for his party’s decision to bring their own cake to a birthday lunch.

“What is This World We Live in?”

The situation was detailed in a recent article from The Independent, during which the man, David Baddiel, described the situation and expressed his disbelief on social media.

“I asked the restaurant where I’m going to for a birthday lunch today if we could bring a cake with us to be brought out at the end of the meal.

“They said ‘yes’, but they’d charge us cakeage (yes, cakeage) at (the U.S. dollar equivalent of $13.00) a head. What is this world we live in?”

The extra cost was known as ‘cakeage,’ the man said.

Is Charging Patrons Extra to Bring in a Cake Justified?

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Since the situation has unfolded, many people have commented with their thoughts on social media.

One post, which has been liked over 5,500 times, has many people chiming in with their thoughts.

“Charging for bringing in a cake is 100% understandable,” said one commenter named Michael McIvor.

“You’re bringing in a dessert item, which they sell – you wouldn’t turn up to a pub with a 12 (pack) of cans… although ($13.00) a head is reaching.”

Another user named @birds_book agreed, according to a report from The Independent. 

“You’re expecting them to use waiters’ time to prepare the cake for you, and then use all of their plates and cutlery, which need to be washed,” they said.

“Not to mention this will probably deter diners from ordering a pudding. They’re well within their rights.”

Another commenter identified as an award-winning writer and performer named Sian Harries also commented, saying that dessert is sometimes provided on the house by restaurants, not seeming to understand the outrageous charges.

“That’s mad. We go to a Chinese restaurant where, if you say it’s your birthday, they give you a pudding with a sparkler in it and the whole restaurant sings at you. It’s wonderful.

Still another user said that they had a great time at a restaurant for a special occasion, brought a cake, and had absolutely not issues.

“One place we went to for Granddad’s 92nd birthday let us hand over a cake a few hours before the meal and refrigerated it for us. No charge at all, provided plates, put some of their own candles on it and the manager bought it out and personally wished him a happy birthday.”

So, what do you think this?

Have you ever brought an outside cake to a party at a restaurant, and did they charge extra for it?

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