“Why Should Adults Have All the Fun?” TikToker Goes Viral Sharing Easter Egg Hunt for Adults Video

adults only easter

Easter is happening next Sunday, April 17, and for most people, the vast majority of “fun” events will be aimed for the kids.

Easter egg hunts are a favorite tradition for the holiday, and usually involve hiding either actual eggs that have been colored (preferably with a natural egg dying kit like this one), or plastic eggs that have had candy added to the middle of them (preferably organic Easter candy).

But Easter doesn’t have to just be for kids, as one TikTok user has shown.

His video is now going viral after he shared what it’s like to attend an Easter egg hunt for adults instead of kids, and it certainly has people talking.

“Honestly a Lot More Fun Than I Expected,” TikTok User Says of Adult Egg Hunt

The video came courtesy of a user named Trent, who chronicled his night competing with dozens of other adults attempting to win prizes ranging from air purifiers to vacuum cleaners.

While the man was not exactly the most excited in the beginning for the egg hunt, to which his parents invited him, he seemed to be pretty satisfied with it when it was all said and done, according to Yahoo.com.

The video has almost three million views as of the writing of this article.

“Will 100% do it again,” the man commented in the caption of his video.

In it, he can be seen placing an extra egg for a woman who wasn’t able to find one, to which she is surprised and delighted.

Adults-Only Easter — Chance for Adults to Mingle and Have a Little Fun

The simple act of kindness seems to make her day, as she rustles it up from a wooded section of the forest where the egg hunt was held.

“There’s so many people here,” the user, @TrentPaints, says in the video below.

So, what do you think about this event?

It seems like the adults there are having an absolute blast, as it’s an opportunity to mix the child-like wonder of Easter with a social event and something we have never seen before.

Have you ever done something like this, and does it look like something you personally would attend?


Honestly a lot more fun than expected will 100% do it again #easter #childhood #family

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