Model Left with ‘Misshapen Eyes’ and ‘Horn-Like Protrusions’ From Surgery Made Popular on Social Media

eye lift horns
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Celebrities have always been the trend-setters in our society, for better or worse.

With the rise of Instagram models stumping for likes with every post and millions of dollars changing hands for each “influencer” who looks the closest to what society wants, there seems to be no end to what people will do to change their appearance.

Recently, a new trend has made national news headlines.

It has to do with a new form of cosmetic surgery that has helped contribute to some of the most famous looks out there, but now many women are saying it has serious unintended consequences.

‘A Nightmare Procedure’ and Her ‘Biggest Regret’

jessie carr

Jessie Carr is a part-time model and 21-year-old gym receptionist from Sydney, Australia.

She went in for a newly popular procedure called a ‘fox eye thread lift,’ expecting to come out of it looking like famous model Bella Hadid.


Instead, she has added herself to a long list of people who have suffered from the procedure, which uses surgical stitches or ‘threads’ that pull the brow area taut, resulting in an upward-slanting look to the eyes.

It was also made famous by celebrity, model and influencer Kendall Jenner, one of the most inspirational public figures for young girls by far.

kendall jenner


Jessie is one of a growing number of aspiring models and everyday people who have bought into the trend. 

The hashtag #foxeyethreads now has over 36 million views on TikTok, and searches for it have gone up by 319 percent.

Model Left With ‘Extreme Swelling,’ ‘Horn-Like Protrusions’

Jessie was left with extreme swelling, permanent scarring and protruding ‘horn-like’ puckered skin around the site where the procedure was done, according to

The trend is concerning because of how influential celebrity influencers are and the risks involved.

“It’s natural to look at images of perfect faces and perfect noses and perfect eyes and think – ‘My God, I’m not even close,’” said influential Dr. Naveen Somia in Australia,

“But the saddest part is, this is now starting at age 10 or 11. If you have a bunch of 12-year-old girls, in year 7 or year 8, you will be shocked at the depth of knowledge they have about cosmetic surgery based on what is being fed to them on social media platforms such as TikTok.”

He believes more should be done to prevent young girls and kids from becoming too enamored with the trend.  Many girls show him pictures of social media stars and want similar procedures done.

In the case of Jessie Carr, she had to have corrective surgery to remove her ‘horns,’ and suffered pain on a scale of “9 out of 10.”

“Tell me, why is it OK for a 12-year-old to follow a plastic surgeon’s Instagram account?” he asked exasperatedly.


“Take my experience as a sign not to do it,” Jessie captioned a TikTok video, showcasing her swollen forehead.

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