Eccentric Psychic Claims To Sketch Your Real Life Lover and Soulmate in 5 Minutes

A psychic that wishes to remain private is sketching people’s lovers and soulmates from her intuitive channel and we got the chance to interview her anonymously.

1. What got you started in art and sketching?

I have always been interested in art and sketching. I remember as a child, I would often spend hours drawing and painting, either with pencils or watercolors. But the reason I started in art actually goes back to when I was a teenager and had my first crush on someone. It’s funny, because I always want to draw him. I started getting more and more confident with my art and when I was teenager, I began to experiment with charcoal and oil paint.

I really enjoy sketching people the most. I love capturing expressions and emotions in my drawings, and there’s something about being able to translate those inner thoughts and feelings onto paper that just fascinates me. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to look back at a drawing of someone you know and see how they’ve changed over time.

2. What caused you to start sketching people’s soulmates?

I had always enjoyed sketching people, but I really began to explore the art of drawing people’s soulmate when I was in 20’s. I think it actually came out of a desire to connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful level. I believed I was born with a gift to help people find their true love and I wanted to use my talent to make a difference in the world.

I have the ability to see a person’s soul and to connect with them on a deeper, more spiritual level. It’s something that I’ve always been able to do from a young age, but it wasn’t until later in my life when I began to combine it with the art of love sketching.

I started after a casual encounter with an old friend who hadn’t had a boyfriend in her life. I could feel how lonely she was inside and I just wanted to be able to help her find love, so I offered to sketch one of my drawings for her. She loved it and she was amazed to tell me after two years that she had finally found her soulmate. That’s the time I finally realized that my gift to help others find love was not a coincidence and I began to offer soulmate sketches to more and more people.

She encouraged me to develop this gift into something more meaningful, which is when I started developing sketches of people’s true love based on what I see when I connected with them. Over time, this became my passion and now it is what occupies most of my free time as well as my professional career.

I will start with a basic sketch of the person’s features, and then add in elements that represent their personality or interests. Other times, I will focus on energy work and try to connect with the person’s soulmate on a spiritual level. There is no wrong or right way to do it, as long as the end result is a beautiful, accurate representation of the person’s perfect match.

Since then, I have done quite a few other soulmate drawings for people going through breakups or heartache, and many of them have gotten such positive feedback from their friends and family that they’ve asked me to do more in the future. It’s very rewarding work for me as well!

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3. Would you mind sharing a story or two that led from your sketch of their soulmate to their happily ever after? Their marriage?

“Awesome, thank you so much! You hit it on the head I am engaged to this exact lady she’s a nurse.. the picture that you draw is her twin she looked just like that I asked her to marry me last month… But I am a religious person so I wanted to see could a person with a beautiful God gift like you all could really see that she’s was my wife. And she told me yes she will marry me thank you all because that’s her for real. 🤔😂😂 And I definitely will not tell her what I did God bless you all.” -Johnny

“I’m impressed with the sketch of my soulmate. Now, I’ve already met her. Yes, she’s my twin flame, I’ve known about it since just a few days after meeting and we’ve been in no contact for a while now. I was curious, yet I felt that she’d be sketched today. I was right, one more confirmation. Unlike tarot readings, that’s her, that’s really her.” -Alex

“The picture is identical to a guy that I know and am getting to know” -JoAnn

4. How do you feel like the gift of sketching soulmates came to you?

I feel like it’s a gift that was always inside of me, waiting to be discovered. I think we all have certain gifts and talents that we are born with, but it’s up to us to decide whether or not to develop them.

For me, it started with a simple interest in art and sketching people. But as I began to explore my talent more, I realized that I had a unique ability to see people’s souls. And once I started combining this gift with the art of love sketching, everything just clicked into place. I finally had an outlet to use my talent to help people find love and happiness.

This gift is something that I take great pride in, as well as a sense of responsibility knowing how much it helps people who are looking for their special someone. Whether they’re going through a breakup, lonely, or seeking their one true love, the soulmate drawings give them hope and reassurance that they are not alone and that there is someone perfect out there waiting to share their life with them.

While I can’t say exactly where this gift came from, I can say that it’s something I am very grateful for experiencing every day. And if it also happens to bring happiness into other people’s lives, then all the better!

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5. What tips do you have for people to live a happy, loving and fulfilled love life with their soulmates?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and let the Universe come up with a plan for you encountering your Soulmate. Just make sure that you feel a connection with your Soulmate when you meet that person. If you are taking things too seriously, but there isn’t a feeling that maybe and you are hoping for something and you are wanting this to be the exact direction, you ultimately have to make the decision and then you are the charge of your life. And nobody is the in-charge of your life to tell you exactly what to do.

Sometimes once you go outside your comfort zone though in trying new things and going after different types of people you aren’t normally used to, it can open up your world to a whole new set of possibilities and opportunities.

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