Howard Stern Slams Johnny Depp as a ‘Huge Narcissist’ Attempting to ‘Charm the Pants Off of America’ at Trial

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Actor and former ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star Johnny Depp has garnered the attention and sympathy of millions of people worldwide including popular, well known social media influencers during his $50 million defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, in large part because he’s managed to show himself as the victim of abuse.

Heard had previously attempted to paint Johnny as the abused party in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed.

Now, shock jock Howard Stern is taking issue with Depp’s trial, releasing a series of comments that have surprised many.

“On the Narcissism Scale, I think Johnny Depp is a Huge Narcissist”

howard stern

Stern made the comments on Monday’s installment of SiriusXM’s ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ saying that he thinks Depp, 58, is a ‘narcissist’ who wanted the trial to be televised because narcissists allegedly “think they can talk their way out of everything,” he said.

“On the narcissism scale, I think Johnny Depp is a huge narcissist — and what I mean by that is, he figured ‘I’ll put this on TV. And because I’m so persuasive and I’m so smart, and I’m such a wonderful guy,’ ” Stern said.

“It’s not going well for you, it’s not going well for her,” he added in reference to the trial.

Depp’s stated goal in bringing charges against Heard was to prove that her op-ed alleging abuse in 2018 was the reason he was let go from Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’ franchise.

Stern Says Depp is “Overreacting” for the Cameras on TV Broadcasts 

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Stern almost seems as if he has a personal issue with Depp, judging by his comments.

He said he believed Depp is “overreacting” and “writing his own material as he goes along.”

“But that’s what narcissists do: ‘I will charm the pants off of America at the trial.’ No you won’t,’ Stern said according to People Magazine.

 ‘This will not go well. It’s not going well for you, it’s not going well for her. It’s not going well for anybody. You sound like two battling children. It’s just coming off really badly.”



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