9 Explosive Unidentified Booms Heard All Over The US Since The New Year Started! Where Are They Coming From?

unexplained boom

Mysterious unidentified booms are a nationwide phenomena, with reports of them in recent years reaching from coast to coast across multiple states.

In recent years, reports of mysterious, unexplained booms have been on the rise in various parts of the United States, leaving many residents and officials baffled. These loud and sudden explosions have been reported in different locations, from urban areas to rural communities, and often occur without any discernible cause or explanation. The phenomenon has sparked widespread curiosity, concern, and speculation, with some people attributing the booms to everything from underground explosions to secret military operations or even extraterrestrial activity. Despite numerous investigations and studies, the origin of these unidentified booms remains a mystery, fueling ongoing debates and discussions about their possible causes and implications. Here are some unexplained booms and rumbles we’ve experienced since 2023 has began.

1. Feb 17, 2023 McAllen, TX

Nasa reports 1000 lb. meteoroid that “likely” exploded in the sky.

Local 911 dispatches received multiple calls from residents about loud noises and a possible ‘explosion’ that shook their homes.

“Nasa experts believe the object was a meteoroid about two feet in diameter weighing about 1,000 pounds,” the agency said in a statement. “The angle and speed of entry, along with signatures in weather radar imagery, are consistent with other naturally occurring meteorite falls.”

Hidalgo County sheriff Eddie Guerra said that he received a report from the FBI that two pilots flying near Houston had apparently also seen the meteoroid, and wanted to diffuse fears from residents that the loud noises were attributed to recent incidents of US officials shooting down foreign objects in US airspace.

2.  Feb 7, 2023 San Gabriel Valley, CA

A series of loud, explosive-like booms shook through multiple cities in the SGV, leaving residents wanting answers.

The consecutive booming sounds were heard from at least Alhambra, to Pomona nearly 20 miles away, at approximately 10:25 p.m.

At least hundreds affirmed what they heard, with some posting videos from their Ring security cameras, which showed the unusual bangs, followed by a flashing light that illuminated the nearby streets and homes.

“It sounded up by the mountains,” one member of the neighborhood app replied, referring to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. After the booming sounds concluded, a white cloud that looked like a condensation trail was seen in the direction of the foothills, with a trailing tail that appeared to be going westward.

The Los Angeles County Fire Dept. and surrounding departments stated they did not receive any calls for explosions in the area.

3. Feb 5, 2023 Levitown, PA

A house-rattling boom rocked the Levittown area in the early morning hours on Sunday.

Local and county emergency officials aren’t clear the cause, but said it wasn’t related to any incident in Bucks County. One local fire official said the boom was loud enough to wake the his family and shake the glass display cases in their living room. The U.S. Geological Survey did not report any earthquakes in the region Sunday morning. A meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s regional office also stated there were no weather events reported early Sunday that would have caused the noise.

Speculations fly about the noise and rattling of homes, claiming that it may have been “early morning training” at 2AM, at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, which sits about 13 miles away from Levittown. But the spokespeople for the 42,000-acre military complex did not respond to a request for comment.

4. Feb 1, 2023 San Diego, CA

Military trainings occurring in San Diego have resulted in residents hearing explosions.

San Diego PD confirmed the multiple booms heard in central San Diego were related to military training that took place near a closed electronics building.

Point Loma Navy base officials did not respond to requests for comment. The Army trainings are expected to end Saturday.

5. Jan 27, 2023
S Alabama, NW Florida

Reports of shaking & booms,
but no official confirmation of earthquake

“Triple Sonic Boom” heard in 10+ counties that many said felt like an earthquake. A representative from Pensacola Naval Air Station said the booms were not related to any activity there. Baldwin County PD states there have been no reports of any damage in the area. Over 1,000 reports of the event, which was recorded on an official seismic monitor in Brewton, Alabama, at 11:09AM.

Geological Survey of Alabama Geologic Investigations Program Director Sandy Ebersole, PhD, reviewed the data along with the USGS and stated that it was not an earthquake, but stated the rumble was likely caused by an aircraft. The Navy did not confirm anything from their bases, nor did the Air Force.

6. Jan 21, 2023 Arkansas Kansas Missouri Oklahoma &Texas

A Meteor explodes over Missouri

According to the American Meteor Society, this meteor burned up in the atmosphere over Missouri, and passed through Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and even as far south as Mississippi.

“This looks to be one of the most widely reported meteors so far in 2023 as reports continue to come in through the official American Meteor Society website.”

7. Jan 14, 2023 New Jersey, Delaware

Many residents thought what they were feeling was an earthquake.


Officials say it was likely just an aircraft going Super Sonic at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River flying a few miles off the coast. The United States Geological Survey reported no earthquakes along the coast Friday.

8. Jan 3, 2023 Knox County, TN

Boom rattles the cities of Powell and Hall

Knox County Sherrifs office claim no reports of explosions or other cause of loud boom that shook homes for miles. ”Very unnerving, didn’t know if a bomb was going off, didn’t know what it was,” The USGS doesn’t have any reports of seismic activity in the region either.

9. Jan 1st, 2023 Marshall County

Mysterious booms that rattle doors, windows and residents, with no identified cause.

Marshall County Emergency Management says 2023 marks 3rd year in a row they’ve heard and felt these unexplained booms. As to what it could be, many are speculating. An emergency management official said the booms were too loud for that. The boom “rattled windows and shook homes for many miles.” Others thought it could have been a sonic boom from an aircraft, explosives, or earthquakes caused by the freezing and thawing of the soil. “It is highly unlikely for a natural occurrence such as a quake to happen at the same time and date each year.” stated officials.

In conclusion, the mystery of the unidentified booms in the United States continues to intrigue and baffle people across the country. Despite various theories and investigations, no definitive explanation has been found for many of these incidents, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. While some people may dismiss the booms as harmless or insignificant, others remain concerned about their potential impact on public safety, infrastructure, and the environment. As the scientific community and authorities continue to study and monitor this phenomenon, it is important to remain vigilant and informed about any developments or changes. Only time will tell whether we will ever fully understand the mysterious booms that continue to shake the country.

I encourage continued reports of anything that citizens feel they need to report for the safety of themselves or others, or if things just don’t seem ‘right.
Stay vigilant.


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