Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets A Lot Of Backlash From Public After Freedom Bashing Comment

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been taking a lot of the heat lately for his public remarks regarding ‘Freedom’ and the freedom of the people. The former Governor of California shares that “There’s still people that don’t believe in masks” and “There’s no one that knows more about the virus than I do” referring to himself.

He poses the question “why would you not believe scientists?” – I believe them. I follow them. He states. Expecting others to follow the mainstream story more than a year into this, with the same measures and no measurably different result.

He believes that vaccines, masks, social distancing, hand washing constantly is the only solution. Over a year into the virus.

People think “My freedom is being taken here” and Arnold’s response was “Screw Your Freedom” in regards to people who do not want to deal with the virus in the same way as others. He received much backlash for that comment from Freedom loving Americans and was seen in a less positive light with his granular view of the challenge.

You can see the full video here:

People responded with strong opinions. One of the most notable responses was from Patrick Bet David, an entrepreneur and founder of the Valuetainement youtube channel. He shared his video response here:

Many others were turned off by Schwarzenegger’s closed mind and lack of empathy for the diversity of this country and the opinions that we hold individually as free citizens.

Schwarzenegger lost deals with different brands over these comments and created a more polarizing perspective of himself. Many wonder how someone who stood so much for bravery and freedom has become so closed to the potential of what could be for the future of our country and the variety of solutions that can be presented.

Maybe it’s not one way, maybe there are three or four solutions for this virus. Maybe we need to explore further and stay open minded while still maintaining the importance of living in a free society.

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