Bob Barker Received Karate Lessons From Chuck Norris For 8 Years (Plus Other Things You Didn’t Know)

Bob Barker is one of the greatest television icons in American history, he was the host of the tv show ‘the price is right’ and has featured in many other television appearances including films, including Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler where Bob gives Adam Sandler a bit of a beating. At that point in his life he was in his 70’s and Adam Sandler was in his 30’s, but the talk on the street say’s that Bob Barker really did put a beating on Sandler.

It turns out that Bob Barker had taken Karate lessons from none other than Chuck Norris for 8 YEARS!

According to the Washington Post, Bob Barker attained a red belt in tang soo do karate training.

In other words, Bob Barker could kick some ass.

Another strange fact about Bob Barker is that he used to go skinny dipping 5 or 6 times a day.

He was quoted as saying “I get skin cancer from my misspent life.” Obviously, bob barker didn’t read our article on warning against using toxic sunscreens. 

Bob Barker is now 98 years old, and he has seen many things in his life that we have only heard about vicariously.

Barker saw Pearl Harbor happen 5 days before his 18th birthday. He trained with 8 different planes at 8 different cities. He was trained but never became a pilot in the war.

Instead of pursuing further flight, he found a job in the radio. Initially he was employed as a news writer but eventually transitioned into sports casts.

He then filled in as a DJ, then filled in with an audience participation show. This led to his love for television and being a part of programming.

Barker eventually became a vegetarian following in his wife’s footsteps and refused to give away fur coats on his show. This led to them giving away fake fur coats on the show.

He became a big advocate for animal rights and began speaking up here and there. He has even gone so far as to having been involved in lawsuits regarding animal rights.

Bob Barker actually donated $5 million dollars to an organization to buy a ship that cuts through ice in an effort to block whaling operations at sea. These animal rights pirates of the sea have done some incredible things including ramming ships, performing citizens arrests and even throwing butyric acid aboard ships that were whale fishing. Quite the brave moves these fella’s have!

In 2009, Bob Barker shared that he seldom turns onto his old TV show. He is not a loyal viewer of his own show. Barker was quoted as saying about Drew Carrey, his replacement “I tried to make the show really exciting, he doesn’t do that.”

A former show member, a price is right model named Dian Parkinson sued Bob Barker for $8 million while claiming sexual harassment. She claimed that he made her perform sexual acts on him for 3.5 years. She also claimed that she slept with him for fear of losing her job. Since then, she has received $1,000 monthly to keep quiet.

Several of her co-workers however claimed that she was ‘incapable of keeping her hands off her 70 year old boss.’

There were several other women who had issues with Bob Barker, that aren’t publicly shared in the media. This video shares all the details:

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