New Film Drops Information That John Mcafee is Still Alive – But is he?

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If you’re familiar with John McAfee’s life, you know that he lived the life of a cowboy like wild player, multi-millionaire, technologist and playboy.

He’s best known (originally) for his founding of McAfee antivirus software, maybe you’ve heard of it.

Even the story of how much McAfee sold his antivirus software sold for ranges from as little as $5 million all the way up to $7 billion. Yeah, that big of a gap.

After selling his company McAfee headed south to Belize, to get more bang for his buck and live an extravagant lifestyle in a beach mansion. Living on the island he made his presence known. He was the American that drove around the island with his dogs. He gave the locals gifts, the Government and police gifts, wielding is power about.

One day, his neighbor, an American from the US said something to the affect of he would kill John McAfee’s dogs. John must have heard this, or maybe he didn’t. But a few days later two of his four dogs were poisoned. Furious, and hearing of what was said about his dogs he may have done something he will forever regret.

The story goes his neighbor died with a bullet shot to the back of his head just a few days later.

John McAfee was the main suspect. What happened next? He was on the run from the authorities. He escaped to Guatemala from Belize and created a way to funnel his way back into the United States. Finally, he did.

Then, he ran for president. Built more fame and continued on his escapades.

It wasn’t until years later that he ended up with a pile of information that he had hacked for years gaining access to the Government’s computers not only in Central America, but then also the US, and presumably… the ENTIRE WORLD.

A superhacker, that had more information than anyone was ready to loan out in these individual countries let alone all of them put together.

A few years later, he was caught in Europe and was going to be extradited back to the United States.

That trailer shows a bit more into his life and the craziness of it. These journalists in the film got to follow him along that path, on the run from the authorities.

We’re About To Ruin The Entire Film For You

The entire film is about to be ruined for you, or the big bombshell secret that is dropped by one of his former girlfriends at the very last minute of the film.

The film won’t be entirely ruined, you’ll still be in shock and awe most of the film. Believe me. What a crazy life John McAfee lived, before he died.

Or did he? That’s the question. At the very end of the film one of his former girlfriends in the film shares that after he died, she got a call saying it was John and asking her if she would live in Texas with him.

Where? I don’t know. It’s a big state. But that’s quite literally how the film ends. But one of the biggest tech tycoons of our time, he knows tech, security, and now has information on many of the countries in the world that I am SURE they do not want released.

What will happen next? Stay tuned.

The best we can do is eat some non-gmo, organic popcorn and wait for the show to start.

The film on netflix is called “Running With The Devil: The Wild Life Of John McAfee 

Some theorize that John McAfee could be Q. or Qanon. What do you think?

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