Shocking Video of Jim Carrey Forcefully Kissing Alicia Silverstone Has Emerged After Carrey’s Will Smith Criticism

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Jim Carrey criticized Will Smith for his slap on Chris Rock recently, saying that he would have sued him for $200 million if he had been in Rock’s shoes.

Carrey, who has starred in 14 movies that have grossed more than $200 million each, was not a fan of Smith’s actions, and took Hollywood to task for being “spineless.” 

Recently, footage has surfaced that has people talking about Carrey’s actions at a different awards show, however, many fans are not happy, even going as far as to call Jim a “hypocrite” on social media.

Carrey Strongly Criticized for Forced Kiss on Alicia Silverstone in 1997 

The kiss happened suddenly for Silverstone, who was presenting Carrey with a best comedic performance award for the movie ‘The Cable Guy.’

Following his expressions of disapproval, however, internet users discovered footage of Carrey carrying out what appeared to be an unsolicited interaction of his own at another awards ceremony 25 years ago.

One commenter even categorized his forceful kiss of Silverstone, which can be seen below, as sexual assault.

Silverstone, only 19 years old at the time, appears as if she is bracing herself against Carrey during the kiss, and some have said she attempted to push him away:

“Interesting … How easy people judge others ! Before throwing rocks at someone let’s make sure we are perfect… from every angle,” one comment read.

Carrey also tried to kiss Will Smith at that same awards show, as the picture below shows. 

will smith jim carrey


“Jim Carrey tried to French kiss Will Smith at the MTV movie awards and he kissed Alicia Silverstone without her (consent) at the same awards show. So he assaulted two people in one night and no body said a word. He should be minding his own business,” another tweet read according to

So, what do you think?

Is Carrey being hypocritical in criticizing Will Smith, considering what he did at the MTV Awards in 1997?

And should he be forced to make a statement on this controversially forceful kiss?

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