Bride-to-be Slammed for Asking Bridesmaids to Pay for Solo Spa Weekend Instead of Bachelorette Party

bride to be asks for solo health retreat


bride to be asks for solo health retreat

The bachelorette party, also know as a hen’s party in the UK, Ireland and Australia, is often one of the most fun and carefree times of a bride’s life — if she gets along well with her friends, that is.

Now, one bride-to-be has been slammed for being “greedy” after asking her bridal party to pay for a luxury health retreat instead of agreeing to a traditional bachelorette party.

The woman’s name was kept confidential in this scenario, which was reported on by The Daily Mail out of the UK, but the bride’s odd request has been the subject of several different opinions since the story was first shared with the general public.

Bride-to-be Chooses Health Retreat, Pampering Over Bridesmaids

The young woman envisioned a weekend of pampering before walking down the aisle and decided it would be more “convenient” if her friends didn’t join her, according to the article.

‘I just have girls that live all over, they have kids, I feel like (paying for her solo health retreat) would be easier and less stressful,’ she said.

woman hen's party solo retreat

The woman asked her bridesmaids to “pitch in” the amount they would have spent on flights and accommodation so she could afford a retreat by her lonesome.

She then asked online if her suggestion was rude, and it seemingly “went down like a lead balloon.”

“Is wanting to go on a bachelorette party with myself really that weird?” the woman asked.

Strangers on the Internet labeled her as “greedy, controlling and selfish.”

‘The audacity of this woman is astounding, a retreat would be pricey,’ one woman said according to the Mail report.

“If this bride has a typical friendship group then she is asking too much. That would be about $300 for six or eight people – that’s one expensive spa,” another woman said according to the article.

Another woman said she would be “pretty annoyed if my friend told me she didn’t want my company but would take my money and show herself a nice time,” another commenter said.

Others said that the idea of a “solo bachelorette party weekend” wasn’t the problem — expecting her friends to pay for it was.

“Contribute the cost of what flights would have been? Really? How fancy is this damn spa,” one woman asked.

Another woman in the comments section said she has asked friends for money instead of having a baby shower so she could go to a fancy spa for a massage.

Others said the point of the bachelorette party is to spend time with friends — thus making the bride-to-be’s whole plan “incomprehensible.”

Many said that the culture of bachelorette parties has gotten out of hand and agreed that parties are being “thrown for Instagram.”

“It used to be meeting up at a bar for a big night out – now people expect whole weekends away or like this lady for people to pay for a solo holiday.”

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