“I Might Have Gotten Blown Away:” 95-YO Arkansas Woman Hides in Bathtub to Shelter Herself From Tornado

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A massive tornado sent Arkansas natives scrambling for cover on Monday, as they noticed it in the distance and did what they could to shelter themselves from the raging storm.

Now, an elderly local woman’s story is becoming more well known nationwide.

The woman, 95-year-old Sue Neissl, was forced to improvise when the storm touched down in hear neck of the woods, according to a report from KHBS in Charleston.

She knew that the family had a shelter in the home to hide in case of emergency.

Unfortunately, she had virtually no time to reach it.

In a video released by the station, Neissl said she was essentially “thrown” into the bathtub by a family member, and it was a good thing that she was, she says in the video below, as it may have saved her life.

charleston woman arkansas

“Well, I’m glad she did. I might have got blown away if she didn’t,” Sue Neissl said.

The bathtub is located in the house her late husband built more than 70 years ago, the report said. Neissl had sought more protection, but wasn’t able to reach it in time.

“We have a storm cellar out behind the house, but we didn’t have time to get it,” she explained.


Granddaughter Takes Shelter in a Closet 

Carla Woods, the woman’s granddaughter, took shelter in a closet with her three-year-old daughter.

A spokesman for Franklin County said that its sirens were not working on the time.

Thank God this family came out unscathed after this harrowing situation!

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