Top 10 Weirdest Historical Events That Actually Happened

History is full of head scratching moments and big question marks. There have been a lot of unexplainable events that have happened that we cannot quite explain as humans. Such events leave us awestruck that something like this could even happen. History is full of these stories, but rarely do we get to hear them, until now.

Today we’ll be covering 10 of these stories that will make you scratch your head and keep your eyes peeled for crazy events to happen around you, If you could even have one of these ten events happen in your environment in your lifetime, to witness it would be astonishing and the story would last decades, even generational passing down. We’ll be counting down from ten to one, and you’re quite sure to scratch your head reading these. Enjoy the journey!

10. Emu War in Australia

During the great depression farmers in Western Australia were encourage to grow wheat. This attracted Emu’s. They declared war on the birds. A small group of soldiers with weapons were deployed to destroy the animals. They declared war on a bird. During the operation hundreds of Emu’s were killed, but they endured and the Emu’s won the war! ha! Nature strikes back and wins again!

9. Khutulun – The Undefeated Wresting Woman

The daughter of a warrior that assisted her father with his campaigns. She indited that whoever marry her must first defeat her in a wrestling match. She waged horses with her wrestling partners. Even though she eventually married, she was never defeated and gathered thousands of horses in her lifetime by winning over and over again.

8. New Atlantis Founded By Hemingway’s Brother

While Ernest Hemingway’s time in the Caribbean has been well documented, and was of great interest to the FBI. His brother Lester found a micro-nation of the coast of Jamaica in 1964. New Atlantis later sunk.

7. Anti-Comet Pills

Cyanogen, a toxic gas was thought to ‘impregnant the atmosphere’ which was available on earth. Gas masks flew off shelves, tanks of oxygen flew off the shelves and anti-comet pills were sold also. The fear stirred up crazy. The comet passed without incident. The comet of 1910 was highly misunderstood and many cleaned up because of it.

6. Napoleon Attacked By Rabbits

In July 1807, aBonaparte arranged for a Rabbit hunt. To obtain several hundred up to 3,000. When the time came for the hunt to begin, the rabbits charged the men. Napoleon got back in his carriage flinging rabbits out as he escaped. It turns out these rabbits were quite rabid! ha! Bun pun intended!

5. The Polish Army’s Enlisted Bear

In 1942 while the Polish army was transporting refugees west from Iran, the army encountered a bear cub. The newly adopted bear left it’s old life. Which they subsequently adopted as a mascot. This bear grew up traveling alongside soldiers, wrestling with them, eating with them. Even enjoying beer and cigarettes. When the ships that took them to Italy denied him, they officially listed him into the army as a private. He was even given his own paycheck and promoted to corporal. After the war he retired from service and they moved him to a zoo. Crazy right? Talk about “Smokey The Bear”

4. The Father Of Tragedy – A Comic Death

A Greek man in 455/456 BC was walking down the road and an eagle was carrying a turtle it had hunted. This mans head happened to be in the birds purview. An eagle dropped a tortoise on it’s head mistaking his bald head for a rock. He was killed instantly from the impact. What a strange way to go out.

3. Straw Hat Riots in New York!

In the early 20th century, it was fashionable to wear straw hats. A group of youth decided they didn’t like these hats so began knocking them off heads. This escalated to a bit of violence and some people wearing straw hats were even hospitalized from the incident.

2. 1904 Crazy Olympic Marathon

Of the 32 competitors only 14 of them finished. The event organizer thought that dehydration was actually healthy, so people were running behind a car kicking up dust, getting dehydrated and full of dust. Even the 2nd place finisher took rat poison as a ‘performance enhancer’ as it was commonly believed that in small doses, this was a stimulant that enhanced athletes performance. The 4th finisher slept off stomach cramps during the race! Those were the days I would have gone somewhere in the Olympic games! I missed my one shining moment.

Last but not least, number one!

Pepsi Had The 6th Largest Military in The World

The Soviet Union trained military gear for billions of dollars worth of Pepsi. For a brief moment Pepsi was the 5th most armed superpower in the world. All for the love of Pepsi. That’s wild, isn’t it?

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