Cesar Milan Explains 8 Training Tips To Create a Responsive, Healthy and Well-Behaved Dog

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Dog whisperer Cesar Milan is known for his calm, assertive energy and his ability to rehabilitate all types of dogs. Through his television shows, books, and training centers, Milan has taught dog owners how to become the “pack leader” and bring out the best in their canine companions.

In his latest book, Milan outlines 8 essential training tips to help create an obedient, happy dog that is a pleasure to have in the home.

From the importance of exercise and discipline to reading your dog’s energy and using the “touch” command, Milan provides practical advice based on his decades of experience working with dogs. His unique approach focuses on understanding the psychology of dogs and establishing yourself as the calm authority figure they can look to for guidance.

According to Milan, being a good pack leader is about providing structure, affection, and clear communication with your pet.

In this article, we will summarize Milan’s 8 fundamental training tips that every dog owner should know. His advice covers everything from making sure your dog gets sufficient physical activity every day to using your own energy to correct behavioral issues.

Milan’s expert tips will help you better understand your dog while creating a relationship built on respect and trust. With consistent, patient training and by tapping into your natural calm-assertive energy, you can achieve a well-rounded dog that is a pleasure to live with.

Cesar Milan’s 8 Fundamental Training Tips

Dog whisperer Cesar Milan has become world renowned for his unique ability to rehabilitate troubled dogs and train both canines and their human companions. Through his television shows, books, and training programs, Milan has taught countless dog owners how to establish themselves as the calm, assertive pack leader that dogs naturally look to for stability.

In his latest book, Cesar outlines the 8 core tenets of his training philosophy that are key to developing a responsive, obedient, and psychologically balanced dog. From fulfilling your dog’s exercise needs to avoiding common owner mistakes, Milan provides practical tips and guidance for dog owners based on his decades of hands-on experience.

1. Provide Plenty of Exercise, Discipline, and Then Affection:

Milan stresses that dogs have instinctual drives for exercise, discipline, and affection that must be met in that order. Start by taking your dog for engaging physical activity like a brisk walk, run, or hike. This taps into their hunting ancestry and releases pent-up energy.

Next, implement rules, routines, and commands to establish yourself at the top of their pack hierarchy. Only after exercise and discipline should you provide affection to reinforce the bond.

2. Project Calm, Assertive Energy:

Dogs are masters at reading human energy. When you feel stressed, angry, anxious or act submissively, your dog will sense this energy and their behavior will reflect it. Milan teaches owners to cultivate a calm, assertive presence that communicates confidence, leadership, and tranquility. This provides stability and reassurance.

3. Avoid Being Overly Emotional:

We often talk to dogs in bubbly baby voices, hug and kiss them profusely, or cry and plead when they misbehave. But this only confuses them. Keep your emotions neutral, avoid nervous energy, and refrain from too much affection or emotional talk.

4. Use the Power of Touch:

Milan frequently uses his hand to touch a dog and instantly snap their attention back to him. This quells undesirable behaviors. A simple confident touch can immediately redirect your dog’s focus to you.

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5. Make Your Dog Come to You:

Calling your dog over asserts your leadership far more than walking directly up to them. Stand tall and use commanding body language to reinforce obedience when they come. If needed, walk toward them calmly to show you mean business.

6. Read Your Dog’s Energy:

Tune into your dog’s posture, eyes, ears, mouth, and tail to spot signs of fear, nervousness, aggression, stress, or excitement. Understanding their energy and state of mind enables you to respond appropriately.

7. Use Tones and Sounds:

Milan advises using distinct sounds like “Tssst!” or your dog’s name to capture attention. Dogs respond more to tone of voice over the words themselves. Use specific vocal tones for praise, discipline, or redirecting focus.

8. Provide Rules, Structure and Routine:

Dogs want guidance on what to do and when. Establish daily routines for things like feeding, walking, training, playtime, and rest. Make rules for household conduct clear. This fulfills their instinct for order.

Things to Avoid Doing:

1. Don’t lose patience or discipline too harshly. This will only cause confusion, fear, and potential aggression in your dog. Stay composed.

2. Don’t give affection when it’s not earned. Petting or praising when your dog is anxious or misbehaving actually rewards the behavior. Wait for calm submission.

3. Don’t let your dog walk ahead or go through doorways first. You must lead the way in your pack.

4. Don’t yell at your dog from across the room. If needed, calmly assert yourself by getting close and using direct touch.

5. Don’t over-stimulate an already excited dog. Excessive petting and baby talk when your dog is hyper only adds fuel to the fire. Stay neutral.

Following Cesar’s fundamental training tips while avoiding common mistakes will lead to better obedience, trust, and a mentally balanced dog. By fulfilling your dog’s needs for exercise, discipline, and affection in the right order and energy, their natural good nature will shine through.

With time, patience and the establishment of you as pack leader, your dog’s potential for a responsive, happy life indoors and out is remarkably high.

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Cesar Milan’s immense experience rehabilitating troubled dogs has given him deep insight into canine psychology and how to bring out the best in our furry companions. By following his 8 fundamental training tips, dog owners can better fulfill their dog’s needs, establish leadership, and develop a relationship built on respect and trust.

While the specifics of his methods are continuingly debated, Milan’s core philosophy has resonated with millions of viewers and readers. Tapping into your calm-assertive energy, providing adequate exercise and discipline, and avoiding common owner mistakes lays the groundwork for a well-adjusted, obedient dog.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and owners should consider their individual dog’s personality and needs. However, Milan’s emphasis on fulfillment of canine instincts, clear communication, and a stable pack order is undeniably integral to any training program.

By putting these principles into practice, dog owners can gain confidence, a stronger bond with their pets, and the rewarding experience of living with a well-behaved companion.

While there is more complexity to raising dogs than simple tips can capture, Milan’s fundamental framework provides an excellent starting point for any dog owner. As he would say, it ultimately comes down to understanding your dog’s energy and establishing the calm assertiveness they crave.

With time, positive reinforcement, patience, and unconditional love, our canine companions can thrive in the human world.

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