Top Ten Dog Breeds That Are Most Likely to Ruin Your House


Dogs are the most incredible companions you will ever find. After all, they don’t call them ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing.

If you’ve ever had a dog before, you know that they can be the most loving friends out there.

That being said, there are some dogs that can cause serious problems at times.

The following ten dogs are among the most difficult. These dogs will ruin your house, and your day, if you let them!



These dogs can really damage your house in an unexpected way: through their salivary glands.

Bulldogs typically don’t chew their items that aren’t their own toys, but they do drool all over the place if you don’t train them to stop.

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These dogs have major separation anxiety. They will go after anything including shoes, cell phones and furniture if you let them. They will tear up your couch and attack other nearby animals if their needs aren’t met. Treat them well and give them plenty of belly rubs and your house should be safe.


According to RottweilerGuide, Rottweilers are born to chew. Very curious by nature, this breed will get into trouble without meaning to. Even so, their curiosity is bound to lead to some things being chewed up around the house!

To avoid the house getting ruined, it’s important to exercise this breed daily and play games with them.



Whippers are high-energy dogs who need an outlet for all of that energy.

It is important to make sure they get enough exercise to prevent them from messing up the house. They like hopping up on furniture as well. Good luck getting them to stay off of it!


Tiny dogs with a big heart, these pups love to dig. They will chew on everything unless you tell them to stop. Be sure to provide the right level of discipline with these dogs.


black lab

Labradors love being outdoors. If you don’t take them outside enough or let them run around in your backyard, you may need to get them an assortment of new chew toys. Otherwise, you will come home and find out that they decided to use your pillows, electronics, and other personal items instead.

English Setters- 

This breed needs a lot of attention. A good training regiment will work wonders with these dogs.

When they become rambunctious, they will chew through everything. These dogs also shed a lot, so feed them nutritious whole foods and be sure to brush them often.

Basset Hounds-

These dogs love to mark their territory by peeing everywhere, so be careful to train them or they will ruin your expensive carpeting.

They also love to dig, so you may want to provide them with their own special corner or sandbox-type enclosure for digging.


boxer destroying house

These dogs are smart and loving. They sometimes don’t know what to do when they are left alone, however. They sometimes get worn out by the time they’re ready to go for a walk. Take them outside early and they will reward you by being less destructive in your house.

Golden Retriever-

The inclusion of this dog may upset some folks, but goldens can be very naughty if they don’t have something to “retrieve.” These dogs were bred to track down objects.

Take them outside to play and keep them busy and you have the perfect family dog. If not, they could take out their frustration on your household items.

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