Pig Friends Team Up to Drive Off Huge Bear That Entered Their Enclosure (Video)

bear vs. pig

Pigs are strong animals, capable of digging up and eating entire gardens worth of food, but they aren’t exactly known for their staunch defensive manuvers, especially against apex predators like bears and big cats.

Recently, a video making the rounds showed off an incredible encounter between two pigs in their pen in western Connecticut, however, that has the Internet abuzz with chatter.

In the video, the large predator can be seen climbing into the pigs’ pen in a rural area in New Milford, CT.

That’s when the tables turn in a hilarious fashion reminiscent of something out of The Lion King movies with Timon and Pumba, the warthog that helped saved the day at Pride Rock.

Pigs Team Up to Drive Out Bear That Entered Their Home

bear and pig

It all starts when the bear spots the pig enclosure, thinking he has found himself an easy snack.

The bear hops up on the fence, his imposing size causing the pig to go into fight-or-flight mode.

Once the bear hops down from the fence, the tables begin to turn.

A second pig enters the picture as the bear continues to retreat.

With two angry pigs staring him down, the bear is forced to make a decision.

Does he continue to fight for his double order of bacon, or decide to go a different route entirely?

Bear Makes Decision That Had to Be Made 

Eventually, the bear can be seen making the difficult decision.

Instead of taking on two rampaging pigs at once, he goes a different route.

He gives the black and white pig duo a look-see, and then decides to find the exit door.

Of course, there is no exit door, so this curious and hungry bear is forced to climb on top of the enclosure and jump off, like a disgraced cage fighter hopping out of the enclosure after losing the fight.

If you’ve never seen a bear like this before you are missing out, because these pigs truly did score the tag team match victory of a lifetime in this Battle Royale.

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