Denzel Washington Presented Samuel L. Jackson With His First-Ever Oscar, But the TV Networks Didn’t Air It Because of ‘Slap’

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Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, a fan favorite and star of everything from classic movies to commercials and guest appearances in the most unexpected of places.

The 73-year-old superstar had the chance to play a big role in the weekend’s events as well.

Jackson was given his first Oscar, an honorary Academy Award for his lifetime achievement.

The moment was captured on camera as friend and fellow superstar Denzel Washington presented him with the award.

But sadly, it was not shown on the TV broadcast. Some say it was overshadowed by what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock — and now, it has many of the actor’s biggest fans crying foul.

Denzel Hands Samuel L. Jackson His First Oscar Award — See The Hidden Footage Here

The exchange was unfortunately not aired despite the popularity of the two venerable actors and good friends, but it’s well worth watching if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

“Sam and I go back in the theater, the Goodman Theatre,” Washington said, according to People Magazine.

“We worked together even before that, at the Negro Ensemble Company. We did a pretty good play called The Soldier’s Play that became great movie, A Soldier’s Story.

“Wasn’t as good as it would’ve been had Sam been in it, but that’s for another day.”

Fans Frustrated By Decision Not to Broadcast Samuel L. Jackson Award

The ceremony, part of The Governors Awards, also recognized actor Danny Glover, director Elaine May and actress Live Ullmann.

Some observers on social media were dismayed that the historic video was not shown on national television. They lamented the Oscars’ decision to air jokes about politics and other random gags instead of the historic moment and embrace between two good friends and legendary actors.

“Ok nothing against sound designers, but the #Oscars chose to televise THIS award… and not televise
Samuel L. Jackson getting his FIRST EVER OSCAR???” wrote one fan.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

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