Electric Board Shows How Cool And Fun Innovation Can Be

Skateboarding first started to become popular in the 1960’s but it really didn’t take off and become something you saw on every street corner until the 1990’s. Skateboarding is a dangerous sport. You’re rolling fast on concrete, and these high speeds can be dangerous. People who love to stand on a board and enjoy the world around them see the appeal. Others are in it for the tricks.

One thing’s for sure, skateboarding is much more popular than it used to be and this led to longboarding. Longboarding is similar to skateboarding but a longboard is a longer board and is developed for riding more than tricks. It’s developed more for going a distance, going down a hill. It’s a way to cruise while standing on a board seeing the world around you.

Recently, A company called Evolve Skateboards (click here to visit) took this concept to a whole new level and put a few motors and a battery pack on this longboard. This allows you to go upwards of 30 MPH with their top tier model and in the 20’s for their other models. You hold a wireless remote in one hand that controls acceleration as well as breaking.

Evolve Longboards not only has a longboard that runs on air tires and is run by a remote control for braking and acceleration but it is also a board that can be customized in many various ways. Many people are putting LED lights under the board, or in front or back (as a headlight and a brake) to steer the board.

City dwellers are beginning to use this board to commute to work and charge it in the office. I’ve been on one from Evolve Skateboards personally and they’re an absolute blast.

Check out a few review videos here:

Visit Evolve Skateboards to see their bamboo top and carbon fiber boards by clicking here.

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