Giant Haunted Trees Caught On Video, Walking Around On Their Own As If They Had Legs, Has The Internet Very Alarmed

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A video has seemingly gone viral of a compilation of different trees from all over the world are moving at a very rapid pace. Unfortunately, we can’t see the bottom of the trunks in most clips, but it seems as though the trees have feet and are running rampant!

While some people have heard of “walking palm trees”, which are trees that actually move across the forest as the growth of new roots gradually relocates them, sometimes two or three centimeters per day. While some scientists debate whether these trees walk, Peter Vrsansky, a palaeobiologist, claims to have seen this phenomenon first hand.


“As the soil erodes, the tree grows new, long roots that find new and more solid ground, sometimes up to 21 yards,” said Vrsansky. “Then, slowly, as the roots settle in the new soil and the tree bends patiently toward the new roots, the old roots slowly lift into the air. The whole process for the tree to relocate to a new place with better sunlight and more solid ground can take a couple of years.”

Well, the trees in this video must have had a brush with some energetic herbs, because they are moving much faster than that. It almost seems as though something below the ground has control of them. Or maybe they are haunted by spirits of ancient times?

Either way, it is definitely creepy. Although, there has been 1 debunking within the video, that directs the attention to where it looks like the ground is breathing.

It definitely appears odd, but there is a rational explanation – Scientists believes the ‘breathing’ is due to the roots of the smaller trees in the forest loosening in the strong winds, after other trees around them were cut down.


As the forest floor gives way, the wind blows under the surface, pushing the mat of roots and plants up.

When you look at the trees in the background, it’s clear that the winds were very strong. The forest floor is moss covered, which leaves a lot of the root system of younger trees lodged in a loose medium. As the wind sways the trees, you get the roots lifting the floor. This gives the appearance of ‘breathing. Other meteorological experts who agree that there’s nothing amiss in the scene, despite its unsettling appearance.
Many people think that the trees may have been moving in this manner due to loggers cutting down trees without being caught on the video. Some others believe that the trees may be haunted by ancient spirits , or that maybe there is much more under our feet than we actually know about.
Many people often think that trees are just an inanimate thing. They do not cry, they do not speak, they do not laugh, and they don’t know what pain is. It can only stand where planted, and had the sole purpose to grow and that is it.
Many botanists believe that plants can have souls just like people, and they can communicate with each other in some way.
The Tibetan tantric masters assert that trees are also living beings, and of course they have the same life as other sentient beings, such as pigs, chickens, goats, and humans.
A long-time Zen master in India said that when people meditate, they can open all their senses, and then they can communicate with all things, even with trees.
A researchers’ latest studies of plants show that plants can move just like animals. It’s just that they move very slowly over very small distances. This process can take several years, but it is said that trees can walk 2-3 centimeters per day, or 20 meters per year.
So can plants really move on their own? Do they have souls just like you and me? Or Is this just the internet playing tricks on us again? That is for you to decide…

Here’s the video!

Let me know what you think of these crazy trees in the comments!

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