How 3 Small Changes in Your Health Can Change Everything in The Long Run

At the young age of 20 years old I thought that I was healthy. Why? Because I was thin. My simple minded perspective at that point was that “I was healthy, because I’m lean and not obese.” But nothing could be further from the truth. My health was taking a down-hill turn and it wasn’t getting any better anytime soon.

I was having trouble falling asleep and had horrible insomnia. My heart was beating in an abnormal pattern and I felt like I had absolutely zero energy. Nothing to give or contribute. I was exhausted because I was not getting what I needed nutritionally.

I was young, naive and didn’t understand that being healthy took a specific set of inputs to get the output that I desired. I survived off tv dinners, chips and didn’t pay much attention to nutrition.

It got to a point where I had to give my mom (a naturopath, and cancer survivor) a call and said what should I do? Thankfully, my mom had some sound advice for me.

She gave me three simple pieces of advice. She said, start going for walks each day to support the normal rhythms of your body and to move your circulation and lymphatic system, drink more water, take a magnesium supplement and start eating more vegetables.

Thankfully I took her advice to heart and started implementing these things in my life. Rather quickly, after a few weeks of changes I started to notice some noticeable differences.

My energy levels increased, my stress decreased. I felt less anxious, I could lay down at night and fall asleep without nearly as much trouble as before. My nutritional gaps were being filled in with more vegetables and the magnesium was helping my body to relax and sleep which was contributing to higher and healthier energy levels as well.

From that period in my life on forward I realized that I had better take my health seriously.

The one small, but big shift that I experienced during this time was that I control my biology. I control my health. No one else but me. I wasn’t taking responsibility for it up until that point in my life but once I made those three small changes, water, walking, and a magnesium supplement the changes were very noticeable. I decided to take the fourth step of adding a salad a day on my own.

From that point forward I started buying fruits and vegetables every time I went to the grocery store. I started cooking instead of always eating tv dinners.

I started following health and wellness experts on youtube and blogs, and started learning what I hadn’t known before. I started attending conferences, meeting people and learning how to take care of myself in a much better way than before.

One thing led to another, and today I am 34 years of age, and I’m in better shape now than I was at 20 years old. I have copious levels of energy, I sleep great, am mentally clear and have connected with a lot of amazing like-minded people in the health and healing space.

This has led me to creating the Radiate 21 supplement and becoming a health coach, and supporting others along the way.

I firmly believe that we are here on earth to help those who are where we once were. I struggled in my health, I learned a few things, and I turned these challenges into a career. Something that gives me meaning, inspiration and something that I am passionate about.

But My Journey Wasn’t All Peaches & Cream..

My mom having stage 4 Colon cancer when I was just 11 years old had a big impact on me.

My brother being born with a birth defect from Accutane had a big impact on me.

These things inspired me to pursue natural health, holistic remedies and solutions for modern day health challenges.

If you feel like you’re struggling in your health journey right now, I am here to support you.

I’ve developed protocols and practices that have helped people heal skin conditions, heal their gut, reduce insomnia and finally get a good nights rest, heal their recurring headaches and so much more. Whatever your health challenges is, nature has a solution for it.

Don’t Use pHARMaceuitcal Drugs To “Fix It”

Using pHARMaceutical drugs to try to treat or fix it doesn’t make any sense, we already know that. Together, we can find solutions that will get your health back on track.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past decade its that the human body is very adaptive and versatile. We can go through some challenging conditions and our body can take a lot of stress, and trauma, and toxicity… but the body is resilient. But the body is only as resilient as the support it receives. If you’re not supporting your body in the proper ways, it will not recover.

That’s why guidance is such a key part of the process. When I was 20 years old and I gave my mom a call, she gave me simple advice that went a long way. It started simple, but lead to more.

Because of these small changes in my health and life, I am healthier today than I’ve ever been. I feel amazing, and I only anticipate more levels of health and vitality to be unlocked as I age!

You can have this gift of health to, but you have to be willing to invest in yourself.

That is why I recommend a health assessment. A health assessment is a process I take my coaching clients through to determine their state of health and find holes in their diet, or routines that are contributing to unhealthy things showing up in the body.

This process is a process where we sit down together on a phone call and I survey your health, for two full hours I dig into the different pillars of your health, such as your diet and nutrition, movement patterns, sleep habits and so much more.

I take notes, and connect dots to support you on your healing journey. Then, give you course correcting advice along the way.

At the end of the assessment you’ll walk away with practical steps on how to take your health to the next level and begin to carve away at your challenges, and if you’re a fit, maybe you’re someone who needs ongoing health support from me, that’s something we can talk about.

The assessment process will give you a lot of clarity in your health as to what to do and how to navigate your health challenges moving forward. This will leave you with specific instructions and protocols to utilize to fix your challenges and get your body and health back on track.

If you’d like to learn more about the health assessment process, click here to visit the page. Once you order a health assessment you’ll be given access to my calendar to select a time that works best for you to book. I hope to connect with you in person and that we can make big strides in your health, together!

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I Want To Help You Regain Your Energy, Youthfulness & Vitality (Here’s How)

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