How To Turn Your Mini-Trampoline into A Day Bed For Just 50 Bucks

Many people now have the mini-trampolines in their home. They are great fitness devices that allow for so much benefits. They help the lymphatic system to move. They make it easier on your joints to benefit from movement without the hard nature of concrete or a treadmill wearing and tearing on your joints. Mini-trampolines are great for lymphatic drainage, circulation as well as joint health as it’s kind and adaptive to the joints as opposed to hard and abrasive.

Recently I was at my brothers home and he has a mini-trampoline and it now looks like a day bed. I thought to myself “how did you do that”? He shared with me that he simply got a 44 inch round cover off Amazon which is the exact width of his Bellicon Rebounder trampoline. He then put this cover on top, threw a blanket and pillow on top and wallah! You have a day bed on top of your mini-trampoline.

Bellicon Day Bed Step-By-Step

  1. Get a 44 inch cover from Amazon (Here’s one, click here)
  2. Place cover on top of your Bellicon (or other mini-trampoline) rebounder.
  3. Place spare blanket and pillow on top of cover on top of the mini-trampoline.

Personally I have tried 3 or 4 different mini-trampoline rebounders and I like the Bellicon best simply because it is the quietest and the bungee bands are much kinder on the joints. This also makes the day bed very enjoyable because laying on this bellicon day bed (as I now call it) is relaxing and has a nice give from the bungees.

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