Kitten Born With Strange Deformity Makes Totally Unexpected, “Miracle” Transformation

miracle kitten transformation
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Cat lovers are just as proud of their pets as dog lovers if not more, but not all kitty cats are created equal.

Sometimes, they need a little extra tender love and care, as well as medical attention, to become who they were always meant to be in the long run.

Jacqueline “DeAmor” Santiago is one such cat lover, a longtime California resident who helped create one of Los Angeles’ most popular animal rescue shelter operations.


Jacqueline had a team behind her working through the Friends for Life Rescue Network (FFLRN), which works round the clock providing support for animals who came from rough homes or were in need of medical assistance due to accidents.

While no one earned a living through their work with the organization, they have managed to do something just as important in recent years by saving animal lives.

The team has had quite a bit of success saving animals, but were especially tested by a cat with serious health problems named Pinocchio.

miracle kitten transformation

Pinocchio had a lot of health issues as he made his way to the organization, as shown in these pictures.

His health was not exactly perfect, but he was ready to settle down and trust the brave volunteers who would help him out. After all, he had little choice in the matter.

pinocchio cat

The most obvious ailment was a misaligned jawbone, a malady that gave the sweet little kitten its famously mischievous smirk.

smirk cat

Upon arriving, Pinocchio scarfed down two full cans of food. It looked like he hadn’t eaten in days, but he was able to get a full meal and a warm place to rest.

Over the next few days, the strength of his bounce-back game quickly became apparent.

The charming little kitten was gaining strength by the day, it seemed.

While his disorders looked cute, they were far more than surface-deep, and they were causing him a lot of serious health problems.

He had been suffering from an upper respiratory infection and a painful umbilical hernia.

Doctors quickly went to work on the scared but tough-as-nails kitten.

Pinocchio was only three months old, but he still needed surgery.

It was a tricky proposition considering the small and weak condition of the handsome young kitty cat, but Pinocchio came out on the other side, and suddenly all was well.

He received a visit from Jacqueline and the rest of the staff at the Animal Specialty and Emergency Center where the surgeries took place, and greeted his new friends with a chorus of purrs.

“He completely won over the entire staff team who took care of him,” Jacqueline said. “They said he purred so loud they couldn’t hear his heart, such a good boy.”

Pinocchio Finds, and Thrives in, a New Home 

Following the surgery, Jacqueline knew that Pinocchio needed extra love and care. She decided to bring him back to her place, where he was given a brand new bed and a plush toy.

His breathing became much smoother, and his flea issues were totally resolved.

He became a lot more excited about life overall, and was on the road to a much more complete recovery.

pinocchio cat

“I came home yesterday to a very playful boy who wanted lots of scratches. He has been up and about and is feeling much better and getting more active every day,” said Jacqueline.

Here we see Pinocchio in his Superman outfit. He certainly earned it.

superman cat

“His spirit is just as it was,” Jacqueline said according to Opera News.

“He is a strong, playful, loving sweetheart with the biggest purrs. When he sees me, he shoots out of the bed (a little too fast) and comes right over for pets.”

His rescue was made possible through the fine folks at Friends for Life Animal Rescue Network.

It’s just one shining example of what happens when people unite for a cause that’s bigger than themselves, and lend a helping hand to those in need — whether human, or in this case, animal.


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