If You See This Spider in Your Home, Do NOT Kill It! It Hunts All the Bad Guys and is Harmless to Humans

wolf spider


Out of about 50,000 known spider species, only about 25 of them have venom capable of causing illness to humans, and there are on average between zero to three venomous species in any area you may live or be visiting.

These species have been given the title of “medically significant” by researchers, meaning that they could cause a reaction that would require serious medical attention.

While most spiders are by and large quite harmless, there are nonetheless many species that elicit a strong fear response in the general populace.

For instance, the spider below has caused many people to freak out, as humans continue encroach on their traditionally, wooded territories:

While this spider may look like a tarantula or other spider and cause some people to panic, it is often quite misunderstood.

Not only is this wolf spider harmless, it actually is something you should enjoy seeing around your property, because of what it’s capable of doing to the real pests that have no business in your personal space.

The wolf spider is an absolute ace at killing the following invasive pests, some of whom are actually quite dangerous:

-Black Widow Spider
-Brown Recluse Spider
-Cockroaches (!!)
-Small insects, lizards and amphibians

The first two forms of prey are especially important as the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are two of the most poisonous species on Earth.

But the wolf spider, which is typically more common and mostly harmless to humans, has managed to out-compete and out-survive these more poisonous varieties.

The wolf spider is larger and a skilled hunter, with a size and speed advantage over these two spiders.

That’s just part of the reason why you want to keep the around if you ever see them on your property or in your garage or other areas of your house.

They don’t bite unless they are provoked, and they almost always run away from humans.

“That’s why I welcome these guys in my garage ANYTIME,” said YouTube user Stimul8 about wolf spiders in a video showing off their hunting abilities.

“They eat all sorts of pests, including black widows, brown recluse, and the best yet…cockroaches.”

Have you ever seen one of these spiders in your house before?

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