Hilarious Video of a Walrus Belly Flopping Onto a Boat is Taking the Internet By Storm

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Walruses are one of the largest known creatures in the animal kingdom, weighing in at up to 2,200 pounds each and surprising many with their ability to survive in some of the harshest conditions.

Recently, the sight of an “absolute unit” of a walrus struggling to make its way onto a boat has made the rounds on Twitter, surprising and delighting onlookers with his devil-may-care attitude.

The walrus can be seen belly-flopping his way onto a small boat, in the 30-second video, while onlookers watch with a mixture of wonderment and confusion.

According to Twitter users, the walrus in the video could be Wally, who is known for loving boats, and accidentally capsizing them off the coast of Ireland.

While the walrus does appear peaceful on the boat for a little bit, he eventually begins heaving and flapping before wriggling his way between the boat’s passenger seats, nearly taking the boat down with him in the process.

Thankfully, the walrus did not hijack the boat. Eventually, he tilted the entire boat dramatically in one direction while plopping down into the water with a splash.

Cheers come up from the audience as he finally makes it off the rollicking and rocking boat.

The walrus’s motives were unknown, but a woman can be heard in the video speculating as to what he may have been doing.

“Maybe he just wanted to cool down,” she can be heard saying.

While it was not immediately known if this was the infamous Wally the Walrus at work, it should be noted that Wally himself was recently begin given his own pontoon boat to prevent him from sinking more boats.

Wally the Walrus can be seen below.

Do you think this is the same creature that we saw in the video?

wally the walrus

wally walrus belly flop


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