Research Confirms That Dogs Can Actually Smell Bad People

Has your dog ever sensed a bad person? Smelled them and lost it? Was your dog correct come to find out? Some breeds of dogs just bark at everyone. Especially the smaller breeds. My brother has a chihuahua and a few morkies, and these little dogs bark at anything that moves. The doorbell will ring on the tv or in a film and the chihuahua will start barking to defend her honor and the home. From the dangerous show on Netflix!

Science Confirms That Dogs Can Recognize a Bad Person

We all love our pets and consider them the smartest, kindest, cutest and most loyal. The list of top qualities goes on and on. Now, science shows that dogs are the most perceptive. Their superpowers go beyond showing you if you can trust someone.

Dogs Can Recognize A Bad Person

A team led by doctor at Kyoto University in Japan conducted a study, of which the results were published in animal cognition journal, in March of 2015. The study was to find out if a dog would trust a person that lied to them. The study pointed dogs to a bowl of food, and the study pointed dogs to a bowl of empty food. The goal of the study was to see if dogs could trust untrustworthy people, or humans trying to trick their dogs.

Science is sure that Canines Can Understand Human Gestures

It’s quite obvious that dogs can understand human gestures. The study knew that going in, and it showed that dogs did not trust humans that were tricked before. They weren’t falling for the same trick again. They feel, just like we do. They also feel how other people treat their owners.

One more study published showed that dogs clearly read the communication between people and their owners. In the study, the dog was given a treat by an individual that rejected or was disrespectful to their owner. The dog was then given a treat by people who were kind and caring to their owner. What they found was fascinating. The dogs would flat out reject treats given to them by people who were unkind or disrespectful to their owners.

They preferred to be fed by people who showed kindness to these people.

The Canines Have a Hood Understanding Of Social Etiquette

Dogs can read our body language, emotions, gestures and facial expressions. Scientists in Vienna managed to teach dogs the difference between sad and happy faces. They were trained to recognize emotions by judging facial expressions.

Can Dogs Sense Fear?

Yes, dogs can sense fear. One thing to note here, do not let a dog know that you are afraid because it will attack you. This isn’t just some urban legend. Researchers took a study with 694 people. They found that people who were emotionally stable and confident were much less likely to get bitten than by those that were afraid. They have a very keen sense of smell. They can smell pheremones and chemicals that our body emit from stress and fear.

Also, you’re probably not going to be grinning from ear to ear if you’re shaking in fear are you?

Dogs tend to bite dog owners more often than people who do not have a pooch, also.

What Else Can Dogs Sense With Their Noses?

You’ve probably heard that dogs can smell changes in the weather patterns, even earthquakes. Believe it or not, these things have happened. Dogs can also smell cancer, and disease. Lot’s of dog owners have mentioned that dogs have paid particular attention to their dog owners that have had cancer. The two types of cancer that they have paid the most attention to are breast and Colon. There is research to back this up. Cancer cells have a specific spell. Dogs can sense it!

Medical Detection Dogs in the UK

Believe it or not, there is actually a medical detection dog unit in the UK founded by a woman who had breast cancer. Her dog kept staring and lunging at her chest, and it quite literally saved her life. The CEO of this organization found out she had breast cancer at an early stage, and she got to treat it early, saving her life.

Dogs Can Warn Of Upcoming Epileptic Seizures & Diabetic Shock

People with insulin dependent diabetes have to control their blood sugar and insulin levels. Dogs super noses can sense the rapid changes in blood sugar and insulin levels. There are ‘students’ (dogs) at medical schools that have predicted seizures, epileptic seizures, and diabetic attacks. Dogs can save us from serious diseases and attacks.

Dogs can read body language from people in our lives much better than we know. Between their ability recognize body language and their sense of smell, there’s no telling what they can do!

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