The Sad Reality Of Beautiful ‘Social Media’ Women Today

We live in a world where relationships are challenged more than ever. Social media hasn’t done more to bring relationships together, it has only drawn us further apart and created more of a separation between us. Social media culture has created a gap of men who have become ‘window shoppers’ of women and who fantasize about them based on what they post on social media.

Pop culture and Hollywood have invested even further into this agenda. Women, now labeling themselves as “baddies” are “women who always look flawless on instagram.” But the real definition of baddie is a ‘villian or criminal in a story or movie.’ Strange how this term is now a thing with younger generations to describe how they look, but the core definition has to do with not being an integrity driven human being.

Social media and websites like only fans have commodified Women’s body’s to the point where they ‘market themselves’ with images and video and be seen by thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of men. They then create an onlyfans account and sell their content off to the crowd. Allowing for opportunities to get more by paying more.

Relationships are build on a foundation of trust, respect, communication and integrity. If a woman is on social media selling her body to the highest bidder, no man can be in a serious relationship with her.

In the video below, a the founder of The Roomates Hafeez Baoku talks about the challenging times we are in where social media has created this gap between men and women, and healthy relationships.

In this video Hafeez talks about how at one time he loved following instagram models, and beautiful women online. Eventually, he got into the position in life that he wanted and attracted the girl of his dreams, on the surface at least. He shares that no matter how beautiful the woman, no matter how beautiful her body, if there is no substance inside it doesn’t matter.

He shares a point that many men incentivize bad behavior with women. What you see is that people are being rewarded for bad behavior. Children and adults alike can be rewarded even when they have bad behavior. It trains them to not behave, and to become entitled. These people become spoiled, entitled and a nussance to too many people.

Women who have these followers and have onlyfans accounts can get money from men all over the world. These women can cuss you out, have a fit, key your car, yet they will always get what they want.

This is simply because MEN do not respect and value themselves. 

Men are so obsessed with having sex with these women that they tolerate nonsense.

What’s interesting is that both younger and older women alike can be entitled, and they can be incentivized to not do what’s right. The mentality is “Why should I listen to you?” or “Why should I respect you?” I have hundreds, or even thousands of guys chasing me. This allows these women to act like children without any consequences.

So many men have put value on the ‘parts’ of a woman without valuing the whole person.

You don’t just live with a woman’s body. You live with her mouth, her mind, her heart, her spirit. But so many men do not understand this.

Men have this halo effect, we see them as so beautiful and we let that run into every other area of their life by projecting it onto them. “Oh, that’s them.”

Watch the full video here, it’s the sad truth and reality for so many women on social media:


“It is better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a lovely house with a quarralesome wife.” – Proverbs 21:9

Beauty is important, but without character it means nothing.

Hafeez shares, you want to see a low value man you’ll see a man that watches p##hub, onlyfans, you’ll see them dealing with women left and right. Buying them stuff, always being a pushover. Because he doesn’t value himself. When a man is truly high value, when he is a valuable contributor to society, that man does not tolerate those kind of women ever.

You will never choose a headache if you have options. A high value man will never choose a headache.

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